Digitization of the restaurant industry is inevitable! 

Digitization of the restaurant industry is inevitable! 

According to a recent survey, 60% of US consumers order delivery or takeout at least once a week. In such a scenario, local restaurants need to adapt to the changing winds in order to win. Thousands of local food stores and small restaurants have shut down permanently in the US & across the globe. While these empty storefronts continue to haunt many communities, online food ordering traffic has grown 300% faster compared to traditional dine-in facilities.

That’s where Forward Kitchens – a company focused on fostering world-class digital storefronts & ghost kitchens for small restaurants in the US, comes into the picture. Part of the Y Combinator Summer 2019 cohort, Forward Kitchens supports small restaurants to create specialized brands from their existing kitchen to stimulate slack capacity, drive more orders, and increase revenue significantly without compromising on efficiency.

“Digital ordering is the future and Forward Kitchens is taking the first step by allowing mom and pop restaurants to expand their delivery sales without any capital investment. We are excited to be at the forefront of delivery technology helping restaurants adapt to the digital world.” Says Raghav Poddar, CEO, Forward Kitchens.

The future-proof concept that recently announced a $2.5M seed round helps restaurants use their current inventory & resources to rethink the way they can use their space and culinary expertise. It is a no-brainer that food enthusiasts have grown bored of the same old generic menus and want something different to savor. The in-house experts at Forward Kitchens carefully analyze the changing consumer needs in a competitive market to curate a custom & compelling menu for restaurants with a fresh take.

Who would have thought that it’s possible for restaurants to increase sales with no extra investment? Forward Kitchens’ strategic virtual kitchen concept has turned this possibility into reality. Now, restaurants can easily attract a whole new segment of audience interested in enjoying the rich flavors of local cuisines without stepping out of their home. This also allows chefs to explore their creativity and experiment with global flavors to create a specialized digital brand that has the potential to double their online presence across third-party food delivery apps.

Speaking about the unique proposition of Forward Kitchens and how it is empowering independent restaurants to thrive, Raghav Poddar, Founder of Forward Kitchens, said, “Digitization of the restaurant industry is inevitable with online sales growing year over year. Virtual storefronts allow a restaurant to venture into new cuisines and offerings while maintaining costs which is why Forward Kitchens has been able to grow rapidly. Any restaurant that has extra capacity should be signing up for Forward Kitchens.” 

In the food business, a hard pill to swallow is that even with a busy kitchen, a B&M restaurant can never operate at full capacity. Creating a virtual storefront solves this problem for once and for all by allowing kitchens to nurture multiple brands without any limitation of capacity whatsoever. Additionally, the concept at its core is all about delivery efficiency so businesses can do away with investing hefty amounts on a professional front-of-house team, a prerequisite to providing an opulent fine-dining experience. With Forward Kitchens’ disruptive concept, restaurants can easily fulfill on-demand delivery of cuisines that are not immediately available in the neighborhood and increase sales by over 50%.

As ghost kitchens continue to grow rapidly, more and more restaurants are lining up in the queue to tap on the trend. Forward Kitchens is here to help them reap the benefits of the rising wave of dine-at-home by offering them the avenue to join the league of first-movers in this space. As restaurants strategically shift more of their business online by joining hands with Forward Kitchens, they also get the flexibility to pivot and grab more market share than ever before. The platform is no less than a boon for foodies in the densely populated cities of the US, where living space is at a premium. Why? Simply because eating daily from local restaurants that have the expertise to cook swoon-worthy cuisines is more affordable and viable than cooking at home.

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