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DigitalXRAID Releases Guide to Help CISOs Understand SOC-as-a-Service

With the cyber threat landscape evolving in sophistication, the potential for security breaches and their catastrophic cascading effects have now become a major concern among CISOs. For enterprises striving to sustain their optimal operations and keep revenue rolling in while successfully dodging cyber attacks, adopting a SOC (Security Operations Centre) should be the priority.

To help CISOs better understand SOC-as-a-Service, DigitalXRAID, a CREST-accredited cybersecurity company, has released a quick guide.

With the guide, the company marks the role of outsourcing SOC service in efficiently reinventing security operations within a large-scale enterprise.

A SOC is a centralised platform built to help enterprises identify, prevent, and respond to any potential cyber vulnerability before there’s a breach. Dedicated security operations teams are charged with real-time monitoring and protection of assets, for instance, sensitive customer data, applications, networks, and brand integrity.

But implementing an on-prem SOC service and ensuring its round-the-clock monitoring can be costly for many enterprises. Needless to say, with the shortfall of cyber security experts soaring to as high as 2.7 million, recruiting and retaining SOC analysts have become more expensive than ever.

To quote a spokesperson from DigitalXRAID, “businesses with a lack of in-house expertise or resources will struggle to know how to combat evolving hacking techniques. Preventing, detecting, and responding to cyber breaches takes a deep level of skill which is in very short supply across the globe.”

According to the company, businesses looking to defend against cyber criminality proactively should cash in on SOC-as-a-Service providers.

Collaborating with a SOCaaS vendor makes cybersecurity a focus, helping cut down unnecessary overhead associated with on-prem systems.

Having the latest security and threat detection tools, such a service efficiently hunts down, triages, and detects threats in their infancy that could easily bypass conventional signature-based cyberattack defences.

On top of this, due to 4000+ ransomware events occurring every day–setting businesses back USD $4.54 million/year–investing in a SOC service for improved security posture is a no-brainer.

According to DigitalXRAID, its fully managed SOCaaS platform can ensure round-the-clock monitoring across endpoint, network, and cloud at a fraction of the cost of an in-house SOC system.

Built on state-of-the-art technologies, DigitalXRAID and its SOCaaS analysts work as a virtual extension of a client’s in-house security team that can neutralise any cyber threat in less than six minutes.

As part of its fully-fledged managed SOC service, DigitalXRAID offers IDS and IPS, threat mining, endpoint D&R, dark web monitoring, vulnerability management, and more.

By successfully differentiating between cyber vulnerabilities, this fully functioning Security Operations Centre allows CISOs to take immediate actions against threats with substantially more efficacy. As a result, organisations can assert control over the holes and weaknesses within their security matrix, the company claims.

In addition, DigitalXRAID has the scale essential to keep its toolset updated, freeing customers from the hassle of complex system updates or configurations.

Founded in 2015, DigitalXRAID is an award-winning Security Service provider in the UK with a team of CCIE Security and CISSP-certified security veterans.

Interested parties can find more information about DigitalXRAID’s SOC-as-a-Service at

[email protected]
Suite 9A Cavendish Court, South Parade

United Kingdom

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