Digital Presence Establishment For Startups: Online Traffic Strategies Revealed

The newly published video is geared toward startups on the cusp of launching their products and services. It highlights the importance of developing a website and offers actionable strategies on how to drive traffic to it.

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IdeaPros CEO Fred Cary and Chris Pesek of Peak Degrees serve as resource persons for the webinar. They discuss the importance of discoverability for a nascent brand and how a website serves as the nexus for a startup’s online presence.


The speakers say that in today’s digital-first world, a website acts as more than just an information hub — it lends much-needed credibility to startups. Indeed, research shows that 84% of consumers believe having a website makes a brand more trustworthy.

Cary adds: “What does it say when a legitimate business has no presence on the web? How can people get more information about your venture if it doesn’t have a website? If you have a newly launched product, developing a website should be a definite priority.”


Also discussed in the video is how to set up a website for analytics tracking on Google and Facebook. This ensures that business owners can see how much traffic they generate and which products get the most traction. Such information can also inform product placements on the website, which can maximize clicks and conversions.

Likewise, the video also offers advice on how to use paid advertising to drive traffic to a site. These include pay-per-click search ads and sponsored timeline posts on social platforms.

The training course is part of the firm’s ongoing YouTube series exploring the various facets of entrepreneurship. Its other educational content covers fundraising, networking, marketing, and business growth.


IdeaPros has over 200 years of combined entrepreneurial experience and can provide trusted advice on marketing, business strategy, product development, and operations. Led by Fred Cary, the company has worked with over 250 companies and its training videos have accumulated more than 100 million views. It received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for its exemplary advisory services.

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