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Digital Marketing Transformation – Rethinking Your Strategy With Brenton Way

Digital Transformation has been the hot topic this year with post-COVID trends towards sustainable and effective marketing strategies.

Businesses need to profit in order to reinvest in themselves and rise above mediocrity. Digital agencies are no exception. The values companies have is what will really influence how their profit is made.

After a thorough investigation into the large roster of digital agencies, you will likely find two different business models.

Model 1 agency will seek to squeeze maximum profit out of their budget,  sacrificing quality (and often, their clients) in the process.

They “save money” by:

  • Downgrading the SEO strategist and copywriter down on their rates, forcing them to rush their work
  • Attempting social media management themselves, often producing unfocused results

It’s sad, but common. The principle of short-sighted profit does not equate to long-lasting, quality work.  In pursuing the cheap, rush-em-out type of work, agencies lose credibility and respect.

Model 2 agency will hire a freelancer to handle everything. Even though the “package deal” will cut costs for the agency and result in  a larger return, the product lacks any specialization. The sails are not tailored to the ship -leaving it bobbing in the breeze.

Both of these models are tailored for fleeting satisfaction and long-term mediocrity

Enter: The Black Pearl.  Ahem… our model. (The dramatic entrance is irresistable at times.)

The Brenton Way Model:

Each product is designed and executed by a professional.

But how can you pay the premium for that quality? That is where digital marketing transformation comes into play.

The mundane tasks are automated and refined. The social media champion, the content artist, and the SEO strategist can streamline their efforts, unburdened by menial fidgeting.

Too much of the marketing strategy out there is “just okay”. You need the best. You need to be leveraging modern technology that maximizes efficiency and effectiveness. An effective growth marketing agency doesn’t hesitate to leverage returns on growth – so it is constantly growing and scaling our services. In turn, it enhances each client’s reach and responsiveness. It seeks the most contemporary start-ups, and invest in the most elegant and dramatic game-changers.

By selectively infusing the right software solutions into your websites and digital marketing mediums. These add-ons are custom fit to your brand.

Keep your friends close with Social Media Listening

A large portion of your audience is asking to be engaged online. At least 85% of consumers research online (blogs, articles) and ask questions through social media and forums. Nearly half of all consumers learn about new products through Twitter. Social Media listening technology monitors keywords and phrases, hashtags, and anything pertinent to opening up dialogue with your target audience. Think about it. Most of those who are already going to purchase are looking for direction – to you. Brenton Way can track all of them and guarantee that they are directed directly into your arms.

Keep your enemies closer with Competitor Rank Tracking

If you haven’t already captured your audience through social media, those potential clients will search keywords that are related to services they desire. Even though it suspects there is little to no competition for this particular service in Los Angeles – the platform can tell you who your competition is, what keywords they use and how much traffic they get. This information is crucial to position yourself at the top of search results.

Keep your best friends even closer than that with Video Analytics and Heat Radar

This is the nitty gritty, high-end digital response tech by observing and analyzing the micro decisions that your visitors and clients express. By watching where each mouse cursor is tracking. It knows at which speed people scroll through your content and when their attention is drawn in. Then it analyzes what parts of a funnel are causing drag so that it can improve upon the dynamics. This is where digital can remain grounded to the human connection.

This provides an overlay for your website that receives real-time comments and suggestions from customers.

Providing Chatbots For All Clients

Conversion chatbots are personalized as a perfect artificial ambassador of your brand. This optimizes the time and reach of your digital operations.

This means you can focus more on tasks that require a human touch.

The more the system’s intelligence is exposed to your customers, the more it dials in towards optimal service and efficiency. The chatbot arrives in the visitor’s experience at any time to increase the fluidity and ease of navigating the website contents. The movement through the website can prompt the chatbot to offer guidance or to collect information. Bottom line: The chatbot invites the customer towards helping themselves and at the same time, helping the chatbot better understand the needs of the customer.

Creating New Meaningful Relationships

Online campaign strategies have a phenomenal capacity for personalization. While you can walk through paid advertising and many common tools of the trade, They seek to leverage the technology available that will hone in and make your dollar sweat. It integrates an in-depth analysis of your audience to specialize aspects of marketing campaigns. Just finding the right keywords and manipulating search engines: Moment to moment, incoming data is responded to with both artificial and human expertise.

Untapped Potential Through Influencers

Expose your products or services to the appropriate crowd – the crowd with the highest conversion rate. A crowd that gathers around those personalities that claim authority and entertain those niche industries. A highly successful tactic here is partnering with influencers who already have a bountiful following in your desired niche. People spend more than a third more money through companies who are interacting with them through social media. Not only can you understand which niches relate relevant interest to your products, but also have an unlimited network of influencers. Without wasting time on needless searching – our system will produce an organization of the most popular, relevant, and influential market movers.

Creating Videos Using AI

It’s true, pictures say 1000 words. Videos – hundreds of thousands. It captures attention far more effectively than photographs. AI video creation allows you to turn written words into an animated story.  Your landing page is instantly enhanced 100x in attention seduction.

These are all add-ons to the already sophisticated and personalized digital consulting services that are presented at Brenton Way.

Planning Your Own Transformation

Encapsulating certain strategies similar to these will allow you to run a more intuitive brand growth strategy.

Pave your own path.