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Digital Marketing SEO & PPC Agency Releases Google GA4 Guide for UA Users

Geeky Tech, a digital marketing agency specializing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Paid Media (PPC), has released a post on how companies can optimize the transition from Google’s Universal Analytics (UA) to Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

In the new report, Geeky Tech notes that this transition is critical to avoid any gaps in reporting when UA is discontinued in 2023. Introduced in 2012, UA has become the standard tool for digital marketers to track and measure user behaviour. However, it is based on an increasingly obsolete measuring methodology, which is why it is being replaced by GA4.

The Geeky Tech report provides five specific tips for switching to a Google Analytics 4 account. While basic information is available directly from Google’s GA4 Migration Guide, Geeky Tech’s tips will speed up the transition and ensure that reporting is set up in a manner that makes the most sense for an individual business.

Each tip is explained in depth through step-by-step instructions and explanatory videos, with reference links where appropriate. The post begins with the most important step in the process–adjusting the data retention period–and continues with information on adding filters, linking to the Google search console, enabling Google signals, and setting up conversion events.

Geeky Tech was originally formed to offer outbound marketing services via email and SMS. However, the team quickly came to realize the importance of SEO and PPC. While several agencies offered these capabilities, the Geeky Tech team realized that most did not understand how SEO and PPC worked and how they could be most effective.

As a result, Geeky Tech decided to build its internal staff of professionals that would focus on the elements that drive the digital marketing process, with special attention to keyword strategy and paid advertising. Following this methodology, the Geeky Tech team has gained expertise in SEO and PPC and has helped clients realize increases in web traffic as high as 700% and ad conversions as great as 1400% within 12 months of implementation.

“We would have remained buried in Google page obscurity if it weren’t for Geeky Tech’s help,” said Rick Brownlow, CEO of one of Geeky Tech’s client companies. “We are so grateful we invested in the right SEO company to help us reach the right customers.”

Geeky Tech serves clients worldwide and has offices in the UK and Los Angeles.

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