Digital Kings – Helping Businesses in The USA Grow with A Fresh Approach on Digital Marketing

The main focus of businesses is to reach as many clients as possible with their products or services. While product or service quality is important for a company’s success, marketing holds the key to enticing consumers enough so that they become interested in what a company has to offer.

Businesses in the USA still rely heavily on traditional marketing, including billboards, television, and printed advertising, but if they want to be where consumers are, this approach has to change.

Forward-thinking organizations will begin depending largely on digital marketing in the following year. The rationale is straightforward. In 2020, we definitely entered the digital era, and 2021 continued to define the beginning of this new age. The COVID-19 epidemic has compelled us to do so, and as a result, businesses have been forced to switch to a digital model in order to thrive in 2022 and beyond.

For Ramneek Sidhu, this shift comes as no surprise. Being in the field of digital marketing for quite a few years now, it has become part of his job to stay up to date with how the industry is evolving and ride the wave as soon as it begins to form.

The new digital era can only be approached with a strong digital presence

Ramneek is the CEO of Digital Kings, a digital marketing company based in the UAE. At 20 years old, he launched his company and, through hard work, a deep understanding of marketing, and a forward-thinking vision, Digital Kings became one of the industry leaders in just six years. Back then, the young entrepreneur was also working on getting his Bachelor degree in Technology from Rayat Bahra Institute of Engineering and Biotechnology in Mohali, Punjab, but this did not stop him from expanding his business.

The company collaborates with a variety of businesses, celebrities, and influential people, helping them establish a strong and authoritative digital presence. Many of these businesses were on a descending path, but through high determination, a deep understanding of the client’s need, and a strong digital marketing strategy, they are now flourishing. Working with Bollywood celebrities was an important step for the company, as their impressive results started attracting Hollywood names as well.

Research shows that 93% of US online interactions begin with a Google search. This means US brands lacking a digital presence will lose out on thousands of potential customers. Ramneek knows this very well and has made it the purpose of his agency to educate clients about the importance of digital marketing in an era that is becoming increasingly more digitized.

Ramneek has a unique approach to digital marketing, which comprises a set of solutions based on significant market research and understanding the consumer’s thinking, as well as carefully analyzing the best and worst practices. His strategy ensures success, which is proven by notable results yielded in the long term.

The young entrepreneur believes consistency should be the main purpose of a good business, which is why, despite his success, he continues to work hard every day to learn new things and broaden his knowledge. His desire to learn more is the only cause for his extraordinary progress. His business will soon launch a new office in Canada, joining current operations in India and Dubai, as a result of his hard work, enthusiasm, and remarkable successes.

If companies in the US want to turn global and attract new customers in an age where digitalization has become the key to success, they need the approach of a person who understands what it’s like to run a global company. Digital Kings’ Ramneek Sidhu sure ticks all the boxes, as he is an entrepreneur who understands the success of his business is dependent on the success of his clients.

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