Digital Book Series For Educators To Maintain Order In The Classroom Launched

This new book, titled “Lead With Grace,” has been announced by Times 10 Publications as a recent addition to their catalog of empowering literature. The book provides readers with a universal framework for leadership that can be useful for educators, managers, parents, or administrators.

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The latest release brings in a long series of powerful titles to the Times 10 lineup, each of which provides readers with a unique angle on topics such as effective teaching and parenting. Jessica Cabeen’s book focuses primarily on leadership strategies for educators, but its guidance is applicable to various other fields.

In “Lead With Grace,” Jessica Cabeen sets out to help her educators better understand the multifaceted nature of leadership. Her advice spans a variety of subtopics, from interpersonal and team-building exercises to the time management skills required to be an effective example for others.

Her tips are intended not to inspire radical or immediate change, but rather to give readers the tools they need to achieve steady growth in their everyday lives. She emphasizes gradual, “soft” improvement rather than imposing a rigid structure to be followed, or providing inflexible exercises to her readers.

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One reviewer stated, “Jessica Cabeen shares some powerful insight into how to use grace and soft skills to build relationships and find the natural leader in all of us. From the moment I opened this book, I could not put it down. I felt like Jessica was speaking directly to me, and in such a way that it was like having a welcome (yet moving) chat with a good friend.”

Like many of the other books in the Times 10 Publications lineup, “Lead With Grace” seeks to convey an even mix of so-called “do it tomorrow” advice and long-term goal-setting strategies. Cabeen does so in this title by pairing her actionable advice with real-world examples and anecdotes from her own life.

Cabeen is an experienced and award-winning school administrator who has published a number of other books spanning a broad range of pedagogical topics. This recently announced book is her second from Times 10 Publications and is available in both softcover and ebook formats.

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