DiDimessage “Burn After Reading” , Protect Your Privacy

In the information age, information is interest. The inclusive and open Internet,it has to be admitted, has also brought a series of security risks such as information leakage and privacy exposure, while narrowing the distance between people. In response to this phenomenon, DidiMessage is born.

DiDimessage (DiDi for short) converges global technical elites to create a secure chat software based on blockchain encryption technology, aiming at escorting users’ information and data security.

The distributed storage, transparency and tamper-resistant framework of blockchain technology benefit from its “decentralized” nature. The tamper-resistant blockchain is guaranteed, and the distributed blockchain is always open and transparent, which makes the blockchain technology become the Internet “trust machine” that people place high hopes on and maximizes the security of users’ information and data!

In the era of digital assets, for users, information security is the best way to protect the assets! For information protection, DiDi chooses to guarantee it with a secret key. Each new user of DiDi will get a unique secret key, and only the corresponding key can unlock the message content correspondingly. This method effectively guarantees information privacy.

Keys involve encryption technology, and encryption technology comes from algorithms. DiDi uses an asymmetric encryption algorithm that requires a pair of public and private keys. Didi emplys the classic 2048-bit RSA encryption algorithm, along with the Diffie — Hellman key core. Because of its complex algorithm strength, the information encrypted by the public key must be decrypted by the user’s private key to ensure that the information will not be leaked to the greatest extent. In addition, DIDI can also provide the digital signature function so that electronic documents can be signed as if on the paper.

What’s more, Didi uses end-to-end (E2E) encryption on top of the algorithm. In blockchain technology, end-to-end encryption is designed to encrypt and decrypt the transmitted data between the source node and the destination node, with a strong anti-cracking function, and the data’s security will not be damaged by any illegal cracking of the intermediate node. All the DiDi data are encrypted by blockchain technology through the corresponding private key generated by the platform’s user and then sent out. In this mode, the chat content can only be seen by both parties. While other third parties, whether network operators or service providers, cannot have access to these chat data.

Therefore, the key(key) used on encryption and decryption is controlled by the user, leaving no trace on the server! Didi is deployed with IoT servers and randomly posts messages across multiple nodes around the world, so the source of the messages cannot be traced. In addition, the chat content is not allowed to be forwarded, and users can set the message duration, which will be automatically destroyed to prevent information leakage, achieving “burning after reading” to protect your privacy security.

DiDi inherits cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain encryption algorithm, point-to-point transmission, smart consensus, and distribution. In addition to developing social applications, it also develops the ecological application such as integrated payment functions, decentralized exchanges, quantitative investment, HD blockchain wallets, and third-party settlement to build an integrated digital economy service system, which will not only guarantee data security to the greatest extent, but also provide users with convenience within their capabilities.

DiDimessage, with the latest and most scientific blockchain algorithm technology, strives to build a service platform for global digital economy life. DiDiMessage is like an iron wall, trying to eliminate the crisis of user information leakage, ensure the security of information and provide the most scientific and reliable information security solutions for global users.

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