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DFWallet – Infrastructure Of Dfinity Ecology And Web3.0

Dfinity is a representative of blockchain Web3.0, in which the wallet is an important infrastructure for users to gain access to the digital world, and through the wallet, users can freely manage their digital assets. DFWallet, as the infrastructure of Dfinity ecology and Web3.0 ecology, provides users with the most convenient solution to manage personal data, digital assets and meet development needs.  

DFWallet is a decentralized smart wallet based on Dfinity and is transformed into a global computing platform by InternetComputer that aims to extend the public Internet domain. DFWallet can provide decentralized identity DID, CanisterSStore, SecureSubnet, NNS support, TechGoverance, and other Web3.0 services for the InternetComputer ecology. With a smart cross-chain wallet being its source of capital, DFWallet can be crowned as a universal digital wallet that supports multi-currency, multi-bottom, and cross-chain transactions. Based on Dfinity ecology, DFWallet integrates digital asset management, transaction, financial services, cross-chain interactive flash, DApp distribution, game ecology, NFT financing, and other functions. Besides, DFWallet backs up multi-chain design as well as fast access to more new chains thanks to layered modular design in architecture. The establishment of the construction entrance of Dfinity ecology, also known as the infrastructure of Dfinity ecology, serves as the bridge linking to the users.

The technical institution system of DFWallet comes in three levels, namely asset management level, DApp application level, and DID identity level, respectively, which are integrated and complete. Next, let’s look at the system from three aspects.  

DFWallet Asset Management 

ICP Ledger Canisters mainly serves as Dfinity’s NNS neuron system that is responsible for managing ICP components and also for recording data on the IC chain. The recorded data include a pledge of neurons, token transfer between accounts, ICP token reward issuance, ICP destruction, and the conversion of ICP to Cycles.  

DFWallet DApp Application 

DFWallet enables DApp, developed based on Dfinity, to function correctly and sustains DeFi, chain games, NFT, and other DApp in the bottom infrastructure. Currently, cross-chain flash is one of the most important functions based on IC. Smart contracts on IC are different from traditional blockchain smart contracts. The core of traditional smart contract exchange lies in interactive contracts, while the digital assets on IC are mainly distributed in Canisters, while the core of the cross-chain flash function on the DFWallet is mainly completed by DFWallet Library. 

DFWallet DID Identity 

All authentication on the IC chain is done by signing the principal private key. The Principal ID is equivalent to users’ identity code on the IC network. Through DFAgent, DFWallet provided by IC DApp comes to play. With the help of IC DApp, DFWallet can carry out authentication and take advantage of users’ Principal ID as their primary identity compatible with Dapp.  

DFWallet has an in-depth layout in the metaverse sector. DFWallet can provide DID for different ecosystems. This is also the core of metaverse. It enters the virtual space of metaverse through the digital identity of DFWallet’s DID. DFWallet is also the core infrastructure of metaverse. DFWallet will create an ecological entrance to the metaverse. DID is used as a digital identity. After entering the wallet, users will be presented with different DFWallet-Metaverse scenarios. Each application is a separate scenario. Users can travel in different application scenarios and get rewards of platform currency at the same time.

As the infrastructure of Dfinity ecology, DFWallet provides the lowest services for Internet Computer ecology. At the same time, as the product of Web3.0 at the entry-level, it provides users with the most secure and convenient asset management services. Together, DFWallet and Dfinity build Web3.0 ecology!