Devan Leos Says Every Entrepreneur Should Have At Least 3 Different Streams of Income

Disney actor turned CEO Devan Leos is on social media to share his thoughts and give advice to aspiring entrepreneurs. On Wednesday, Devan tweeted out: “Everyone who is an entrepreneur should have at least three different business ventures/possible streams of income that they’re working on at any given time. Nothing lasts forever, and the more plants you water, the bigger your garden!” -TheDevanLeos

Essentially what Devan is saying is: Don’t put all of your eggs into one basket. Invest in multiple business opportunities that will generate income. If one fails, at least you will have two more left.

Devan Leos is a former Disney Channel actor who now owns and operates, a media consultation, marketing, and PR firm based in California. Devan is very active on social media, usually sharing his thoughts on charity, while also supporting local and national charities. Devan also shares advice and inspiration via his platforms. Leos also recently pledged 15% of his company profits to charity.

Source: @TheDevanLeos on Twitter. Devan can be found on all social media platforms under the handle TheDevanLeos