Denver Restaurant Marketing & Viral Social Giveaways Brand Campaign Launched

The latest move leverages unique promotion opportunities to increase local engagement and brand awareness for Denver restaurants. The viral social marketing service includes birthday club giveaways, viral social campaigns, and ‘spin to win’ services, in addition to content-focused digital marketing.

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Cafe Fuel now incorporates several advanced restaurant marketing solutions as part of the new update. These solutions help restaurants achieve growth through reputation management and marketing, improved reach, and repeat customers.

The team at Cafe Fuel believes that reputation management and marketing are critical components for the success of restaurants in a hyper-competitive market and advertising landscape. In addition, research shows that potential customers are more likely to research a restaurant online before deciding whether to visit.

To increase the chance of lead generation and conversion, food and hospitality establishments in Denver need to have a stellar online reputation, filled with positive reviews across platforms such as Google, Yelp, and Facebook.

Effective reputation management and marketing can attract new customers and encourage repeat business. By implementing VIP and birthday clubs, restaurants can incentivize customers to return. The National Restaurant Association reports that an average birthday patron spends $78 per table, making it a highly lucrative occasion for restaurants.

Cafe Fuel uses Facebook Messenger to attract customers to a FB giveaway contest with a complimentary meal as the top prize. The winning participant who sends in their information is awarded the prize. Other giveaway participants are awarded a coupon via text or email and encouraged to visit the restaurant, improving the chances of a successful reservation or walk-in.

Viral social campaigns can cover festive offers, new year celebrations, or initiatives that foster customer goodwill. For example, birthday celebrations often bring groups of friends and family, adding a lively and upbeat atmosphere to the restaurant and increasing revenue while generating new customers.

It is also important to note that birthdays are a typical occasion for dining out, with over 55% of Americans choosing to eat at a restaurant on their special day. Therefore, offering a birthday club or similar promotion can be a cost-effective and easy-to-implement solution for restaurants wanting to improve their marketing efforts.

Cafe Fuel can build viral social giveaways for nearly any food and beverage establishment, including coffee shops, bistros, diners, cafes, and destination restaurants.

A spokesperson states: “Getting attention is hard. Your customers are becoming immune to billboards, tv commercials, and direct mail. You must incorporate social and mobile marketing as part of your strategy. It’s your job to effectively reach and connect with your audience to form deeper relationships so that you can increase foot traffic and customer retention.”

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