Demee Koch, with her conscious beauty brand “De Moi,” creates a legacy of her own

Developing and creating ecological-friendly, cruelty-free, and socially relevant products thrust Demee Koch to the forefront of the beauty and wellness niches.

To set a firm foot for oneself in one’s desired industry today is no walk in the park, and to be able to do so as a woman, entrepreneur, and mother can make things tougher. However, a few women professionals and entrepreneurs have been taking over the business world with their one-of-a-kind brands and businesses and have shown the world that hard work, dedication, and genuine intent to offer value to people can create success for anyone and everyone. Proving the same and inspiring so many other women vying to make their mark in the world of business is Demee Koch, a woman of many talents, who created “De Moi,” an incredible beauty brand, a prime mover of conscious beauty, supporting environmental and animal protection  by creating multifunctional, cruelty-free, socially relevant and ecologically friendly products.

De Moi has a team filled with several passionate professionals and experts, having decades of industry experience covering everything about beauty and wellness-from the science of making products to branding and making customers happy. There is a reason why De Moi today is seen as a leader in conscious beauty. De Moi was launched by Demee Koch as a Switzerland-based, purpose-driven business for cosmeceutical products. It has always remained in headlines for producing social and ecologically friendly products. It has risen as a beauty brand developing high-quality and results-driven cosmetic products with active ingredients, made with principles of honesty and fairness.

Demee Koch, with more than two decades of experience in the industry, has been able to create a name for herself as a self-made woman entrepreneur for multiple reasons, one being her advocacy for inclusivity and women empowerment and for being involved in charity works. Besides timely events-based charities, she supports numerous scholarship programs for education and upward mobility globally mainly in her home country, the Philippines, as well as local female entrepreneurship programs. She had begun her career initially in Dubai in the beauty & luxury industry and later moved to Switzerland to run personal grooming concepts to support women’s beauty from all walks of life.

De Moi has testimonials from women across the world and has been supported by many celebrities as well. The social impact that Demee Koch’s De Moi has created so far by working with several charitable organizations has also helped it win hearts.

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