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OutFlow’s deal origination solution was designed for investment bankers, venture capitalists, private equity firms, and other finance professionals whose revenue depends on a continuous stream of deal opportunities. Following the recent update, clients can benefit from precise data targeting and outbound marketing strategies, resulting in more efficient lead generation.

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M&A consultants can now outsource the critical steps of their deal lifecycle to OutFlow, freeing up their own resources. The company’s experts offer a hands-off solution, from generating a database of opportunities to arranging meetings with interested prospects.

A common problem dealmakers face is that the deal flow in their pipeline is highly unpredictable. OutFlow is committed to securing a consistent number of appointments and conversations, with the company’s fees depending on the success of its sourcing activities. Its marketing experts can create targeted campaigns to find opportunities with a high probability of success. OutFlow not only makes deal origination simpler and more efficient, but also allows to reduce overhead costs and reach a significantly bigger network.

According to OutFlow, precise targeting is the first step of efficient deal sourcing. Whether the client wants to focus on a particular industry, region, or target size, OutFlow will ensure that all the prospects are a good strategic fit, based on the chosen criteria. The company will also verify the data and ensure that it is up-to-date, offering actionable insights.

The next step is outreach. OutFlow can contact the prospects on behalf of the client, using the most effective channels and messages, to start a conversation, find out if they are interested, and secure a meeting.

Potential clients can browse several case studies on the company’s website. Bristol Group, a national brokerage firm, managed to close 4 deals in one year following OutFlow’s outreach activities. The firm had tried various marketing methods over several years, but could not get consistent results. OutFlow launched a state-based campaign, focusing on the industries the client had transactional experience in. As a result, a steady stream of appointments and responses was secured.

“Stop spending endless hours digging through databases, subscribing to the “latest” tool, and chasing down leads,” said a company representative. “Let us do the heavy lifting of finding the right prospect, making contact, and securing meetings and conversations. You need to do what you do best; close deals.”

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