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Deadpool Bets: A New Ethereum NFT Project That Revolutionizes Betting With A Chance To Win You 50X Your Mint Price

Las Vegas, Nevada — The NFT industry has revolutionized the crypto world in a big way. It has grown to be one of the most popular crypto segments based on the number of NFT enthusiasts trading art daily.  As has been observed, the creativity around an NFT project is what explodes its adoption. As such, there is no doubt that Deadpool Bets will probably be the most attractive NFT project of 2022.

Deadpool Bets is the first, one-of-a-kind NFT project designed and built to offer minters a chance to win 50X of their initial investment with one purchase. This is simply a project that will enable a degen gambler to achieve financial freedom with a single buy.

The creativity behind this project is what attracts the NFT community. The Deadpool Bets team is releasing just 100 NFTs for minting. This means Deadpool Bets NFTs demand will immediately skyrocket after launch. Each of the 100 NFTs represents renowned celebrities in the world.

But how does it work you say? If your NFT celebrity passes this world in 2023, and your NFT happens to be the first to pass, all the cryptos held in the ‘Pool Wallet’ will be airdropped to you within 48-hours. It’s as simple as that.

But what happens if none of these celebrities pass? Well, the Deadpool Bets team has got this figured out. Of the 100 NFTs, one of them is a ‘wildcard’ and will be marked as so. This NFT is for a celebrity that is unlikely to pass. So, if the 99 celebrities do not pass, the wildcard takes the pool prize. The Deadpool Bets team has confirmed that the ‘wildcard’ will be paid on January 2nd, 2024 should no other NFT celebrity depart this world in 2023.

In addition to revolutionizing betting, Deadpool Bets promises additional benefits to the holders. Holding the NFTs will get the holders whitelisted, which will enable them to buy new products the team is introducing into the Deadpool Bets ecosystem.   After selling out, the team has promised to create additional product pools, including sports, and will expand to additional blockchains. When these fun, innovative products are released, alpha holders will get to buy before anyone else.

So Deadpool Bets has got everything it needs to be the next big thing in the NFT industry. It is definitely a project NFT enthusiasts should pay a lot of attention to in 2022. Visit their website and Twitter handle.

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