D’Cent Biometric Hardware Wallet, USB Passcode & Seed Phrase Storage Announced

The Crypto Merchant, an e-store specializing in high-quality crypto products, announced that it stocks the D’Cent biometric hardware wallet – the first secured crypto storage solution of its kind.

More details can be found at https://www.thecryptomerchant.com/products/dcent-biometric-hardware-wallet?_pos=1&_sid=c37c1666b&_ss=r

The newly available wallet is an ideal option for traders looking for unparalleled security and versatility, says the company. And while biometric technology offers industry-leading standards of asset protection, the D’Cent isn’t without its downsides.

“Now hardware wallets are being built with biometric security with a secure element, and the utilization of Bluetooth-enabled technology,” said a company spokesperson. “And the D’Cent Biometric hardware wallet is the world’s first wallet with biometric security measures.”

“The D’Cent hardware wallet has both positive and negative aspects. The good part is that it’s portable. However, it only supports a limited number of cryptocurrencies. Although this device has its limitations it is a simple and secure hardware wallet, and it’s worth taking a closer look,” they added.

The D’Cent features a key word and fingerprint sensor, along with a recovery seed phrase plate that comes with each purchase. Both USB and Bluetooth transfer options are available, for seamless fund management and asset transfer.

The Crypto Merchant recommends the D’Cent for anyone looking for an easy-to-use hack-proof wallet.

With the latest update, the e-store continues to expand its range of high-quality crypto security products and accessories. The Crypto Merchant is an authorized retailer for D’Cent, Trezor, Ledger and other brands, striving to provide quality products while maintaining accessible price points.

Founded in 2017 in New York, the brand has grown into one of the most reputed crypto e-stores serving traders and investors of all experience levels all over the world.

“Our company was built to help you stay informed and secure while investing in this exciting new asset class,” said a company representative. “Our mission is to help you secure your future by achieving financial sovereignty and building wealth.”

Interested parties can find more information at https://www.thecryptomerchant.com

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