Dawn LaCarte, a Counseling Expert, Completes the Gottman Method Training and Expands into Marriage and Couple Services.

Saratoga Springs, NY, 5th January 2023, ZEXPRWIRE, Dawn LaCarte, a counseling expert, is proud to have completed the Gottman Method Training and is now expanding into marriage and couple services. The Gottman Institute is one of the premier resource providers for mental health professionals, offering an impressive array of educational offerings. Those seeking to bolster their counseling skills can participate in training courses specifically tailored to leveraging the best techniques for couples counseling and family therapy. The Institution is committed to helping their professional audience access the specialized resources they need to excel in providing the highest quality services possible. No matter what field of practice you specialize in, you can count on reliable support from Gottman’s dedicated staff members with cutting-edge practices designed to better serve their client base.

By completing the Gottman Method, LaCarte intends to extend into couples therapy, and help improve their marriages. While celebrating this achievement, LaCarte noted that she expects to help more couples develop stronger bonds, a factor that could play a role in helping them lower the risks of mental health issues. 

LaCarte cites research that shows that stronger social connections help foster better mental health. LaCarte notes that, from her years in the industry, she has noted that building and maintaining stronger bonds with our romantic partners can greatly reduce mental health issues. Although relationships are often difficult and require significant effort, even small changes can have lasting effects. Making time to foster connection and intimacy and simply listen and respect each other’s thoughts and opinions can lead to improved happiness and well-being, while providing a more secure environment for individuals in their relationship. Moreover, understanding what one’s partner needs from them emotionally can create supportive environments that provide both parties an anchor of stability during times of crisis. In sum, investing in strong bonds between couples will help alleviate many mental health issues by offering the opportunity for both emotional support and increased satisfaction within the relationship.

LaCarte also wants this to strengthen the institution of marriage, which she firmly believes in. She stated that marriage is a powerful tool for bolstering social bonds and managing the emotional development of children. To quote her,

Studies show children who grow up in a household with an intact marriage have higher levels of psychological well-being, thanks to feeling more secure about their environment and having both parents around for emotional support when needed. This can be especially beneficial to adolescents facing rapid physical, emotional, and intellectual development amidst social pressures. With two knowledgeable adults around to guide them through the changes, teens in married households often do better when developing emotional maturity and healthy relationships with friends and family. Parents in healthy marriages also set a positive example by providing an atmosphere of mutual respect, trust, and communication between them, which offers a valuable model for their children.

With 20+ years of real-world expertise, LaCarte Dawn is a leading specialist in counseling, coaching and consulting. VShe’s renowned for developing creative mental health solutions to break through addiction cycles and create long-term wellbeing.

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