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Data center consulting services: Data Center Networking & Security by EES

We make it suit your infrastructure so that you can support your company securely and efficiently even tomorrow.

Today, every firm and organization relies heavily on information and infrastructural technologies accessible. In addition, the Act also increases its role in data protection and data security. A significant volume of data is kept, and essential work activities are electronically carried out. Data, software, and hardware constitute the basis for your success, regardless of the size of your organization. Systems and processes need to be protected from unauthorized access, external effects, downtimes, and data loss, for example. On the other hand, adjusting these aspects to your business objectives and goals is crucial. Our mission is to indicate the most acceptable alternatives for protecting, optimizing, and increasing your organization.

We can assist you during the execution on request. We believe that every organization has an ideal and distinctive data center concept. We work with you on this notion by precisely coordinating the most crucial parts based on a comprehensive study. Our performance is to be taken advantage of by companies, authorities, and organizations of each size. Of course, highly particular data management, data stock, and data security requirements are also addressed.

New and constantly rising criteria have to be met by data centers. This will feature increased efficiency, higher performance, safety, increased reserves. Our portfolio demonstrates to you how your infrastructure can be treated. More information may be found in our pamphlet.

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We aim to discover and evaluate elements that impact its strategic orientation at this moment. Using professional analytical techniques, we can provide an impartial and objective view of the infrastructure, which may be the basis for future choices.


We analyze, discover, and assess dangers and potentials independently and objectively to provide the best concept. Our experts will advise you for the long-term safety and durability of your organization in the market.

We screen your IT infrastructure

For continually operating systems, a well-thought-out data center plan is required. Our task is to provide you the best ways to secure, optimize and enhance your business. We assist with the sustainable, reliable, and without failure management of your data center. We analyze extensively and take all hazards and needs into consideration. Contact us now. Contact us now.

From analysis to certification, we also implement and optimize your data center.

One for everybody. The EES corporation offers you a complete variety of services to safeguard your company globally.

The company EES combines the full safety competencies under one roof. From guidance and planning to the professional execution of structures and from broad support and service to professional data center operation. To this end, the firms of the EES company cooperate closely and coordinate. We create tremendous added value for the market through continual information transfer, short distances, and diverse practical expertise.

The services of our expert team complement the EES Corporation’s products. The highly available and cost-effective operations are guaranteed by professional maintenance and repairs by trained professionals and customer alarm and power management. The offer of services is complemented by highly professional operating ideas for clients who wish to have an internal service provider.

Our clients’ advantage is a contact point to develop and manage the data center cost-effectively and effectively.

One common feature of EES’s five pillars is that we desire the safest and most inexpensive infrastructure for our clients. Our goal is to respond to specific requirements and provide our clients with added value in the long run!

  • Datacenter design.
  • Building and execution.
  • Architectural and construction service.
  • Strategy creation, risk management, and servicing 
  • Maintenance for your data center security products.

Digital Transformation Demands on the Data Center

Digital transformation is based on backend systems, such as the data center, capabilities. As edge computers, for example, modify the way organizations deal with users and clients by shifting the data processing to the edge of their network, they also need a larger scale and speed of performance.

DevOps is another field that needs to be supported by new data center techniques. DevOps are supported with scalability and infrastructure flexibility through private, public, and hybrid cloud architectures. However, reliability, security, continuity of activities, disaster recovery, and support for data-intense applications are required in data center settings.

The data center must handle advanced applications, sophisticated computing, and software solutions and leverage investments in conventional applications.

EES Services for the Evolving Data Center

EES offers over ten years’ expertise supplying big companies with solutions for data centers, including servers, store, networks, security and automation, and cloud-enabling and administration tools.

Some of the major organizations, including the data center strategy and plan creation, data center building, and relocation, have been supported by our data center consultants throughout their life cycles. We do IT infrastructure and IT discovery evaluations and offer findings-based optimization. Our services encompass data security thru business continuity and recovery from disasters.

We can enable organizations to migrate data to and from systems and databases seamlessly. Our staff is also responsible for transferring systems to the platform and operating systems, including mainframe migration, UNIX, Linux, and Windows servers.

We do cloud readiness evaluations and implementation for companies looking at the cloud. We can develop and construct projects on private and hybrid cloud.

Other services for data center consulting include:

  • Short-term solutions for IT personnel.
  • Consulting on ITIL processes and standards
  • Planning and implementation of automation and orchestration
  • Conversions of software
  • Consolidation of server and storage

Our decades of knowledge in data centers and project management allow you to obtain your business results. We invest in expert data center engineers who can assess options with real-world scenarios rather than conjecture.

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