Dark Circle Eraser is Vasanti Cosmetics #1 Best Selling Color Corrector

PICTURE THIS: A woman makes a big move to Chicago and lands her first job at a high-end beauty studio, owned by an affluent ex-model. It’s her second day on the job and she’s stoked to meet the owner of this company. Her ambitious self is getting ready to greet her, but then the unexpected happens – she arrives and without hesitation she points at her face and blurts out “Who’s this?! Get some concealer on her!” and continues to walk away. In a panic, makeup artists hurry over to use the darkest shade of concealer on her dark under eyes to only end up looking worse.

After all their efforts, she’s standing there – shocked – with layers of white ashy concealer on her brown skin and no clue what just happened. This is the first time anyone has pointed out her dark circles, and now she can’t stop obsessing over them. She’s desperate for a solution, but every concealer she tries just don’t work!

Vasanti was founded on the bond of sisterhood and creating solutions for women who struggled with issues such as stubborn dark circles. Vasanti’s story began with four South Asian women, three siblings and one childhood friend (all sisters by any measure) were inspired by the simple question “why doesn’t make-up look good on everyone?” The Vasanti sisters among many other women like them could not find products that would enhance their natural beauty while feeling comfortable and weightless on their skin.

These four hardworking sisters were inspired by the entrepreneurs they grew up with including close family members which lead them to do what came natural – start a brand focused on solutions for all skin types and skin tones! Vasanti (which means “of Spring” in Sanskrit) was lauched in 1998.

Pinki Patel, one of the co-founders, and also the woman whose dark circles sparked the conversation around “why doesn’t make-up look good on everyone?”, dove deep into product development. After years of working closely with cosmetic chemists, she developed a game changer: “Liquid VO2 Dark Circle Eraser. The magic is in the formulation – Liquid VO2 is a color corrector with the perfect hue of orange and light weight texture which instantly neutralizes discolorations while brightens underneath the eyes.” – Pinki Patel

Today, Vasanti’s Liquid VO2 has quickly climbed to top seller status and top trending with thousands of raving reviews and is easily searched using hashtag #LiquidVO2 on Instagram! To learn how to cover dark under eye circles and to find the perfect color match visit: https://vasanticosmetics.ca/pages/dark-circle-quiz

Vasanti Cosmetics is a line of high performance skin care and cosmetics dedicated to making beauty feel good. When beauty feels good it’s inclusive, cruelty-free, vegan and it doesn’t weigh skin down. Vasanti products are crafted with high quality and healthy ingredients, careful attention to detail, and lots of love.

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Vasanti Cosmetics

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