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Chandler, AZ – The stability of a home or commercial building starts with a strong foundation. The foundation repair professionals at Dalinghaus Construction, Inc – Phoenix know this well. For over 8 years, the foundation repair Phoenix company has built a reputation for providing top-notch foundation repair services across the Valley. The foundation repair company also provides free, no-obligation foundation inspections. In addition, they offer 0% Financing for those who qualify and a free foundation repair guide to help their clients make the best repair decisions for their homes or businesses. The company’s comprehensive services include foundation repair, crawlspace repair, deep foundation systems, concrete services, and hillside repair. No matter the problem, the team at Dalinghaus Construction, Inc – Phoenix is equipped to handle it.

“A compromised foundation can cause all sorts of problems for a property, from cracks in the walls and ceilings to doors and windows that won’t open or close properly,” said the company representative.”Our goal is to help our clients fix these problems.”

The settling and cracking of a home’s foundation is often the first sign of a problem. The soil around a home or commercial building can lose its moisture content due to dry conditions, which can cause the foundation to sink. In other cases, the foundation may be damaged due to improper installation or poor drainage around the property. Whatever the cause, it’s important to address foundation problems as soon as possible to avoid further damage to the property. Dalinghaus Construction, Inc – Phoenix has experienced professionals who can assess the damage and recommend the best action for repairs. The company uses helical pier or push pier systems for most foundation repairs. These pier systems are installed by drilling into the ground to reach a stable soil layer, thus stabilizing the foundation.

A crawlspace is an area between the ground and the floor of a home or commercial building. When it is compromised by poor soil conditions, water damage, or other problems, it can cause serious damage to the property. From sagging floors to mold and mildew growth, crawlspace problems should not be ignored. Dalinghaus Construction, Inc – Phoenix offers crawlspace repair services to address these problems and protect the property from further damage. Whether it’s pad and post replacement or crawlspace jack installation, the general contractor‘s professionals will find the best solution for each individual case.

Dalinghaus Construction, Inc – Phoenix can be reached at 6442 W Park Ave, Chandler, AZ, 85226, US. Clients can also contact the foundation repair contractors at (480) 741-1544. The company’s website also provides more information.

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