Cyberlete Graduates Incubation Through Elite Blockchain, Constellation Network

Cyberlete Graduates Incubation Through Elite Blockchain, Constellation Network

USA — Today in the [DEFI]CIT Letter I have the privilege of introducing a team of guys so dedicated to the tech and culture, they’ve barely taken a day off in 4 years – had to damn near track them down for 3 days just to get the info in this editorial. ( haha!

James Stolte, Geoffrey Maunus and Alexander Stocko are not the typical devs I usually encounter. They are so overtly confident in themselves and their product that they left me, an ex door to door salesman, stumbling on my words at first. From the moment the convo started I could sense a feeling of “yea we got that covered, what next” from them.

That came shining through built on a foundation of care and passion for their professions.

Now this was perfectly served on the partnership platter set right next to THE Constellation Network, who is currently incubating and sowing the seeds for the future of Cyberlete – Constellation has made a point to be arduous leaders of the blockchain, not the leaders of rehashing the same uniswap forks in different colors.

Directly from the site –

“In summary, the Constellation Hypergraph is the only framework that encourages entrepreneurial activity, while incentivizing multiple stakeholders in the network, on a blockchain. Product L_0 Standard Constellation’s Hypergraph Network and HGTP make up the L_0 protocol product.”

The Dev Trio’s Company, CYBERLETE, was accepted into the Constellation Flight Program which became the major catalyst pushing them to fully articulate their whitepaper late July 2021. Constellation is now mentored throughout the process by none other than Ben Jorgensen, CEO of Constellation – giving them such a rare edge in education.

James – “The whitepaper was kind of a mess but there were many people within the flight program that were willing to help us refine our whitepaper and make it what it is today. We had a guy from NASA that graded our whitepaper, he said it was the best whitepaper in that flight program and was very excited to help us define what we were after.”

Geoffrey – “We had help from one of the best “tokenomics” specialists in the industry, Linden Leadbetter. We didn’t finish our whitepaper until 3/30/22 by taking a 50+ page business plan and turning it into a 13 page whitepaper.”

WOW, just wow, got a co-sign by the most technologically advanced blockchain in the world AND NASA? What do these two think they’re rocket scientists or something? Haha!

In all seriousness you can find the CYBERLETE team in the company DISCORD daily speaking to each other, working, and talking to the community. These two are going to take the anti-cheat gaming industry to places it’s never been.


Media contact :

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Telephone: +44 7935552527