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The online retailer now has a varied selection of room dividers, panels and privacy screens that are designed to change the look, feel and flow of a room, and to create functional spaces within both small apartments and large, spacious homes. With their new custom room divider collection, Homey Decoration is proud to be bringing an array of both unique and understated designs in both timeless, traditional and modern finishes.

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The launch of their new divider range coincides with a recent article published by Stylist magazine called ‘Why You Need A Room Divider For Your Living Space’. As the magazine’s interior design style writers explained, room dividers have been the biggest trend in home decor this year as they allow for the easy creation of different spaces and atmospheres within a single room, separating, for example, an area for work and one for relaxation.

As Stylist stated, they can also be used to add texture, height and visual interest or contrast to a room, with uses as versatile as a reimagined headboard for a bed or a sculptural feature.

Homey Decoration agrees that the best divider is more than just a functional tool, which is why they have launched their new custom collection of panels and privacy screens in materials as distinct as white PVC, lattice and walnut wood.

One popular new room divider is their modern statement Customizable Silver Room Divider with Wood Frame – Aluminum Composite. Shoppers can choose from between 27 different filigree and geometric designs for their panel and they can also specify its exact dimensions.

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For a softer and more muted look, Homey Decoration also recommends their Customizable Room Divider – Birch Plywood, which makes the most of the natural grain and warm texture of this popular wood. Shoppers can similarly choose the pattern cutting, with popular designs including their leaf and floral styles.

Homey Decoration also offers customization options for the hinges, brackets and moldings, and they ship their custom room dividers across Canada and the United States.

A spokesperson for the home decor experts said, “Transform any space into something completely unique with our selection of custom room dividers and custom divider panels. Whether you’re looking for a way to divide up a large living area, separate study areas or just add some stylish design elements to your home, we have customizable room dividers that are tailored to your exact needs.”

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