Custom NFC & 3D Detailed Challenge Coin Designs For Police Departments, Update

This expanded service will see Gray Water Ops adding a number of templates to their custom challenge coin design catalog suitable for police departments. Not only do these new designs take advantage of the company’s recently upgraded laser engraving equipment, but they can also be created in a variety of shapes.

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These new coin designs are intended to help police departments promote camaraderie within their ranks by providing each member with a custom-minted coin that can be used to demonstrate membership. This is a tradition that dates back to the Roman Empire and has since been adopted by military and public service organizations around the globe.

Police departments and other organizations can now bulk order customized coins, with individual units engraved with the names and ranks of each member.

These coins also feature proprietary NFC integration technology patented by Gray Water Ops. The NFC chip contained within each coin can be programmed to perform a variety of functions such as automatically linking to a website or fundraiser when passed over a near-field receiver, like those found in most modern smart devices.

Gray Water Ops offers a variety of design services alongside the expansion, including consultations with their in-house graphic artist. This team can create designs from scratch or based on customer renderings, and then convert those designs into enamel or metal-plated coin faces, complete with reeded or smooth edges or a variety of diamond cut edges.

While cookie cutter templates are nice, the company is known worldwide for their original designs. Why would someone want a coin that looks like 20 other coins they’ve seen before? Gray Water Ops creates one of a kind original designs so every coin minted has it’s own unique look. Originally designed for military organizations, and now police departments, businesses, organizations and even social media influencers, thanks to this expansion.

One client recently said, “Just received my commemorative Security Police coin in the mail the other day. Thoroughly outstanding work, gentlemen. It is, bar none, the sturdiest, most professional-looking, and nicest finished of all the challenge coins in my entire service-career collection. Very proud of it, thanks again.”

Gray Water Ops is a 100% veteran-owned and operated business, and their team has committed themselves to providing a quality product to other veterans and servicemembers. They are also dedicated to the national veterans’ community, with 50% of select fundraiser sales going to veterans’ health organizations such as the Red Cross.

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