Custom Designed & Shaped Pet Pillows: Birthday Gifts & Keepsakes Launched

The newly updated service allows customers to upload photos in various formats. Following this, they can see a full mockup of the pillow design before it is handcrafted using Pilloo’s sublimation printing method.

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Through the latest update, Pilloo provides a unique gifting experience for any special occasion. Alongside this, the pillows can be used for keepsakes or as pet memorial gifts.

The company says that the unique sublimation process means that the image is transferred permanently onto the fabric, able to withstand stretching, rubbing, and even pillow fights without losing its vibrant colors.

Pilloo also offers a unique service for customers to create custom-sized and shaped pillows that mimic the look of their beloved pets. Whether it’s a dog, cat, rabbit, or any other animal, customers can upload a photo of their pet, and Pilloo’s team of graphic designers will work to create a pillow that closely resembles the shape and size of the animal.

This feature allows customers to create one-of-a-kind pillows that capture the essence of their pet. This can be an effective way to immortalize a pet that has passed away or to give a unique gift to friends, family, or colleagues.

Pilloo was founded by a father who believes in the power of a smile and wants to spread joy through the company’s custom-designed products. The company’s mission is to create durable, huggable memories that last a lifetime, starting with a customer’s own cherished pet images.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Pilloo has collaborated with thousands of customers to turn their logos and images into high-quality products. The company is home to Canada’s only custom-shaped pillow manufacturing facility, and they have been manufacturing since 1999.

A recent customer said: “The pillow was purchased for our daughter. Her beloved feline is her bestie and she will have this to comfort her in the days and years to come. The detail was superb and it’s super soft and cuddly.”

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