Custom-Designed AR Gamified Employee Simulation Training For Businesses Released

The company’s new release enables businesses to use leading industry training strategies to ensure their workforce is competent and motivated. By providing better training, businesses can look forward to more productive outcomes.

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The newly announced training is also customizable: businesses can add their own assets, scripts, and resources to ensure that their company’s unique needs are met.

Gamification is a learning strategy coined by programmer Nick Pelling in 2002. It integrates elements of play, achievement, narrative, and increasing challenge to traditional learning. According to Gabe Zichermann, employee skill retention can be improved by as much as 40% when immersed in a gamified learning environment, and employees also demonstrate a 48% work engagement increase. Sequel MV’s new training program takes advantage of this, and provides employees with a customizable experience that ensures they retain needed information.

Common features from video games like story narrative, level progression, puzzle-solving, resource collection, objective completion, and personalization options form the basis of the program. From there, the program can be tailored to specific requirements.

Also, because the program can be presented in augmented or virtual reality, businesses can ground the training in practical locations and circumstances. Work locations can be digitized into VR and manipulated to create specific scenarios, or digital avatars can be superimposed over cell phone camera footage.

Virtual reality programs can also be used to create realistic simulations. Employees can learn to manage practical scenarios, customer complaints, and emergency situations with more accuracy and detail than can be achieved in traditional classroom settings.

Sequel MV is experienced in creating virtual reality, mixed reality, and augmented reality solutions for many diverse businesses. They also provide support for the creation of marketing tools and host a marketing podcast available on YouTube and Spotify.

According to a business spokesperson: “Whether you just need a fresh set of eyes, another bid for your RFP, or if you’re ready to truly impact the industry in which you compete; we’re ready to support you.”

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