Custom Business Card Alternative: Smart NFC Coins With Luxury Metals Announced

Following the recent launch of the company’s patented NFC challenge coins, Gray Water Ops is now allowing customers to choose from a range of finishes and platings in the construction of these products.

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This expansion brings silver and gold plating options to the Gray Water Ops custom design service, each of which come in regular, antique, or extra-polished options. These luxury choices appear in addition to the bronze, nickel, black nickel, and copper options that were previously available through the service.

These new metallic finish options make up only a small portion of the total customization features offered through this updated design service. Customers can also access a range of different enamel and paint styles, as well as multiple options for the edges and shaping of each coin. Each of these factors can be customized to fill a variety of needs, with a full custom pricing breakdown available on the Gray Water Ops website.

In addition to these customization features, each challenge coin can be fitted with an NFC microchip – a feature unique to the Gray Water Ops product line. These chips can be programmed to serve a wide variety of functions, such as a replacement for traditional business cards, and allow the coins to interface with digital receivers in most modern smart devices.

These NFC coins are crafted using precision equipment in order to produce a high-quality, long-lasting product.

One reviewer said, “I’ve used Gray Water Ops for personal coins and also for the non-profit organization I work for. They overhauled a previous coin when that vendor went out of business, and that coin is far superior. When I wanted a personal coin, going back to them was a no-brainer. I love that they are veteran-owned and operated since my whole family is military – I will definitely continue to do business with them.”

Those interested in ordering either the traditional or NFC-integrated challenge coins can get a custom quote through the company’s website. A gallery of past designs is also available, featuring past work done for private companies, public service organizations, and individuals.

Bulk orders begin at 200 pieces, although a fully functional proof coin can be ordered in advance to test the utility and design of the coins.

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