CTN News – Chiang Rai Times English Language News Announcement

CTN News – Chiang Rai Times English Language News has announced it is expanding its news service to India and will also start offering news in the Thai Language.

CTN News was launched in 2007 to provide local, regional, and international news. Information that affects the local community includes business, politics, and social events.

An online news site that shares news and promotes business, tourism, and social events in Thailand to millions of readers each year. CTN News also provides news information to subscribers and visitors alike who want to read the news in an entertaining and informative manner.

Reporters and photographers from local, regional, and international news organizations are shared and promoted on CTN News. You can read and enjoy articles and photos submitted by readers and professionals.

In light of the sheer number of articles and photographs shared by contributors, Chiang Rai Times is unable to verify the content of every article and photograph. We will remove any article or image that you feel is offensive or has been shared without your consent if you send us the link.

Chiang Rai Times is a non-profit web portal, which means all revenues generated go towards hosting the site. Any profits from advertising local businesses and posting are donated to Reporters Without Borders.

CTN News Principles

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What information do we collect?

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The minimum information we require to register a subscriber includes name, email address, country, and postal address for print distribution.

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The information is used to help us to sell appropriate advertising space and so keep the site free. It may also enable us to personalize services for our readers. We do not share this information with third parties unless readers have specifically consented to this

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