Cryptopets creates new concept in Games NFT

Cryptopets is a gaming NFT platform that will offer a new concept to the NFT world…share-to-earn. Usually gamers  participate in the play-to-earn concept that allows them to earn tokens for playing and performing well within the game, the share-to-earn concept allows users to earn USDT by sharing their NFTs on their social media accounts along with friends and family thus trigger networking marketing, giving users rewards for those they bring on their team. Cryptopets will give players two ways to earn rewards, being the first of its kind in the NFT world. This concept was created by Crytpopets CEO Raj Bedi. 

With a launch date of February 22th, 2022, Cryptopets will be available in the United States, Brazil, Mexico, India, Europe and China. Users can join the pre-launch on which will allow them to be signed up before the release date. Users will be able to purchase their Pet Box for $299.00 USD which will then release their exclusive NFT and it will be ready for play. Cyrptopets is powered by the Binance Smart Chain, and thand every platform is ready to use.

Gameplay will resemble the popular handheld game Tamagotchi, where users are rewarded for the growth of their pets. Gamers on the Cryptopets platform will be rewarded by feeding and grooming their pets, this care will grow the value of their Cryptopets within the game’s ecosystem thus rewarding the player, alongside the share-to-earn concept. These two concepts together will allow gamers to earn up to $100 USDT weakly. 

You can expect Cryptopets to make a big splash in the gaming community of NFTs and Cryptocurrencies as they are the only platform that reward users for playing and sharing. Cryptopets is a platform that is family friendly and will be a great experience for users of all ages in the digital world.