Cryptology Affiliate Program: A limited Time Opportunity

Cryptology Affiliate Program: A limited Time Opportunity

Limassol, Cyprus — Affiliate marketing is essentially at the core of every digital marketing campaign. To reach out to a wider range of traders, cryptology has an ongoing, limited-time opportunity for influential financial experts that is built on affiliate marketing. Let’s get to know the offer well and see if it’s worth your time.

How It Works

Cryptology has started a multilevel affiliate network which helps them receive wider exposure and enables their affiliate partners to earn hefty commissions. To better explain how the affiliate network works, we have separated them down into separate categories next.

Becoming an Affiliate

You do not necessarily need a verified exchange/trading account to apply, but it will be necessary to withdraw your commissions from the affiliate account.

  1. First, go to Cryptology, and click or tap (on the iOS/Android app) on “Become an Affiliate.”
  2. An application form should pop up soon after, which you will need to fill and submit.
  3. Most affiliate accounts should receive the Cryptology affiliate link within a very short time, post-approval.
  4. Put the link in high-quality anchors and relevant content.
  5. Promote the content on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
  6. Promote the content on professional networking sites such as LinkedIn, Xing, and Opportunity.
  7. Promote the content on your own channels and pages to draw in more traders.
  8. If you are a financial professional, you should have a reliable list of contacts to email relevant content.

As soon as anyone signs up on Cryptology using your link, you will start earning commissions as an affiliate partner. You will also be earning a commission on each transaction they make on or via Cryptology throughout your life! Although the commission rate will differ depending on the kind of transaction your referrals make, there is no limitation to how much you can earn from commissions.

Taking a Look at the Limited-Time Commission Rates

Cryptology is offering a limited-time affiliate partnership to anyone who can make use of it. All affiliates will be earning 55% on spot commissions and 35% on futures transactions made by their referred clients. However, the offer ends after June 30th. There is a good chance that Cryptology may have bonus offers for their affiliate partners down the lines as well, but this one will end on that date.

The Usual Commission Rates

After June 30th, affiliate partners will continue to earn commissions from new referrals at Cryptology’s standard commission rates for each transaction type. As we will see below, they are already very high as compared to the usual market rates observed on other crypto trading platforms.

  • Transactions on the Spot Exchange: Commission rate is 50%
  • Transactions on the Futures Exchange: Commission rate is 30%.
  • Commission on Earned interest: 10%.
  • Commission as Sub-affiliate: 10%.

Is Cryptology a Good Cryptocurrency Exchange?

Although the initial interface is simple to make things easy for newcomers, Cryptology can cater to both expert and non-expert traders. Being established in 2017, Cryptology also has a long history in the context of the crypto trade itself. Both exchanges cover all major coins and if the trader is more interested in making low-risk investments, Cryptology is offering up to 15% APY on bitcoin, USDC, USDT, DAI, and EURS.

There are grid bot creation/customization tools for expert traders, while automated and real-time guidance is available for regular traders to maintain high liquidity with tight spreads. If you really need to talk to a human expert, that too is available in multiple languages, 24×7, 365 days a year. So yes, Cryptology is definitely a good affiliate partner to have.

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