CryptoINK Launches One-Stop Website for Efficient Freelance Payments with Native Token and NFTs

United States, 13th Feb 2023 – Crypto International Keeper, popularly known as CryptoINK, has launched a one-stop digital website aimed at making international payment for freelance services easier and more efficient. 
The website,, went live on Monday, November 14th, 2022, and is aimed at both cryptocurrency and non-cryptocurrency enthusiasts who may be interested in registering as freelancers on the platform.

CryptoINK LLC operates worldwide and is recognized as a digital firm by the government of Delaware/USA. 
The company aims to put an end to the difficulties of international payments by offering a platform where buyers can make payments through the biggest empowering Crypto Project, French Connection Finance (FCF), using the most secured Crypto payment gateway FCF Pay. 
This will eliminate the high commissions charged by some freelancing platforms, as well as the difficulties that buyers face in making payments due to bank restrictions in their countries.

The company’s CEO, Mr. Kemal Ukic (XMRAT), has also announced that the native token, CryptoINK #CIK, launched on 9th Feb 2023 on the Binance Smart Chain will even more improve the whole economic system. 
In addition, CryptoINK will launch a special NFT collection after the launch of the native token, where non-cryptocurrency users will be able to mint NFTs like buying in an online shop. 
The NFTs will have a sharing system, and CryptoINK will share 30% of its monthly revenue with NFT holders. 
This means that if CryptoINK makes $100K in revenue in a month and an NFT holder has minted an NFT of 5% of the revenue, they will receive $1.5K from the 30% of the revenue that CryptoINK is sharing.

The CEO of CryptoINK has also hinted at other exciting features, including merchandise online shops for big crypto projects, online shopping, NFTs special place, and soon even more. 
This news has been received with excitement by the cryptocurrency community, and many are already registering on the platform to take advantage of the unique opportunities it offers.

In conclusion, CryptoINK’s one-stop digital website is poised to revolutionize the freelancing world by making international payments more convenient, efficient, and cost-effective. 
With its native token, NFT collection, and other exciting features, it is no surprise that the platform is quickly becoming the go-to place for freelancers and buyers alike.


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