Crypto Wallet Key Digital Vault: Zero-Knowledge Encryption Service Announced

IronClad Family’s vault service provides a highly secure solution for storing crucial cryptocurrency keys and passphrases and passing on this information to a designated recipient in the event of the owner’s passing.

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By providing encrypted vault services, the security firm eliminates the risk of inaccessible crypto accounts due to lost passwords that can lock clients and their family members out of their savings.

The use of cryptocurrencies for investing and building retirement savings has risen in recent times, with many hailing their security features and privacy. However, with no backup access options, this security can lead to investors being completely locked out of their accounts should they lose their passwords. IronClad Family’s digital vaults offer a secure solution to this problem, with encrypted storage for passwords and important documents.

Clients set up their IronClad Family digital vault with unique passphrases and hints that encrypt its contents so that only the vault’s owner can access their contents. Using multi-layered encryption and continuous cybersecurity testing, the vaults are protected from outside access as well as being inaccessible by even IronClad Family’s team.

Owners of an IronClad Family vault can also create individual passphrases for designated users such as family members, so they can access the vault in emergencies. This access can be withheld with triggers to automatically deliver access codes to recipients following specific events, such as a health directive or upon their death.

As well as being a secure solution for storing crypto recovery passwords and keys, the vaults can also be used to store and protect personal information and legal documents. Allowing users to upload copies of all their important files and assets in a vault with restricted access can provide peace of mind that both they and their loved ones can find crucial information in emergencies.

A user of the IronClad Family vaults said, “As the mother of two young boys, IronClad Family takes one more thing off my plate and lets me rest easier knowing that in case of any event, my family will know where everything is.”

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