Crypto Fight Club Partners With Metavest Capital to Turbocharge Its Player Base and In-Game Economy

Tallinn, Estonia, On March 23rd, Crypto Fight Club launched its partnership with Metavest Capital in a move to take full advantage of the wide-ranging expertise available in its ranks with primary aids in marketing and business development.

As part of the initiative to promote outreach on a game which has seen over 2,800 NFTs minted at the start of a potential bear market, Metavest will offer the opportunity to use its marketing and game advisory arm.

In practice, this means tireless work on refining the tokenomics of $FIGHT and the CFC in-app economy will continue with the experience and strategic nous of Metavest lending a helping hand in the creation of a robust and rewarding game economy.

To account for the game’s future expansion, Metavest will further assist Crypto Fight Club in finding partnerships with gaming companies to leverage outside help for game design and to draw on extra resources if needed. This allows CFC to rapidly scale under any circumstances and gives the team resources to respond proactively in any eventuality.

Metavest’s connections to key opinion leaders (KOLs) and influencers, from Twitch streamers to leading crypto Twitter netizens, will help Crypto Fight Club deliver its message to a wider audience: to demonstrate this is a game which has high token rewards, greater equality of access and better tokenomics than most games on the market.

KoLs will be responsible for bringing attention to the game and helping get the word out about the industry-leading staking mechanisms, future metaverse developments and partnerships as well as other important developments.

The partnership also opens up Crypto Fight Club to a world of new guilds, which has previously proven to be a way to instantly connect with astute, selective yet enthusiastic crypto gamers.

As new players from guilds band together to play, discuss and invest in CFC they will introduce wider exposure to mini-games and the play-to-earn model which currently pays out more per player on its inaugural mini-game for each minute played than every major game in the genre.

In the coming months, three streamers will be doing NFT giveaways: details can be found closer to the date at the Crypto Fight Club blog or on Twitter, Telegram and Discord.

Media contact:

Ashton, Project Lead