Crypto exchange Bitbulls seeks expansion amid – crypto winter

Nicosia, Cyprus, 15th Dec 2022 – Bitbulls, a global cryptocurrency exchange, expressed its intention to aggressively expand in the global market. Despite the fall of FTX, which was caused by the quantitative expansion of coin investment, Romet Malk, the CEO of Bitbulls, thought that there is a new opportunity to make a great leap forward in the cryptocurrency market. 

Bitbulls plans to strengthen its vertical service through Artificial Intelligence (AI), big data, and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO). 

Bitbulls signed an agreement to collaborate with a company specializing in existing stock trading algorithm solutions. The collaboration is at the earliest stage of development. Bitbulls will also provide free beta services using AI technology in the future. It is designed to give traders an opportunity to gain market knowledge and learn quickly while containing the risk of price volatility. Through the introduction of AI services, Bitbulls aims to improve the average return by up to 89.4% through copy trading, making it possible to maximize users’ profits and allowing beginners to become familiar with automation trading. 

Bitbulls intends to suggest investment flows by classifying FOMO and FUD on social media with natural language processing technology. 

A Bitbulls’ CC Wallet is being developed based on Atomix Swaps. Atomix Swaps are automated, self-enforcing cryptocurrency exchange contracts that allow cryptocurrencies to be traded peer-to-peer without the need for a trusted third party, enabling unrestricted conversions between Bitbulls’ stable coins. This feature will be released in January.

In addition, it is diversifying its business by establishing local subsidiaries and getting licenses for virtual asset services in the United States, Canada, and the Netherlands. Currently, commission income is more than 90%. Bitbulls plans to realize a more than 30% monetization rate through diversification of these portfolios, consulting, and B2B business structures. 

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