Crypto Dispensers Introduces CDReload: The Most Convenient Way to Buy Bitcoin with Cash

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Crypto Dispensers has announced the launch of its new service, CDReload. This service will allow customers to buy Bitcoin by depositing cash to their accounts at thousands of participating retail stores.

Chicago, Illinois Dec 5, 2022 ( – Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are huge financial trends that are becoming more and more popular. As these trends continue to rise, companies like Crypto Dispensers are developing innovative new ways to make it easier and more convenient to buy Bitcoin with cash. Crypto Dispensers has always been committed to making cash-to-crypto transactions simple and accessible for everyone.

Crypto Dispensers has been making cash-to-cryptocurrency transactions quick, convenient, and easy by operating a network of Bitcoin ATMs for some time now. And now, with the release of CDReload, they’re advancing the cash-to-cryptocurrency market even further by eliminating the need for any Bitcoin ATM hardware to facilitate the transaction. Crypto Dispensers, Founder and CEO, Firas Isa believes that their company will disrupt the Bitcoin ATM industry in the near future, by offering lower fees than their competitors to facilitate these transactions as the market becomes more competitive.

Crypto Dispensers Bitcoin ATMs and CDReload

Crypto Dispensers is currently the leading Bitcoin ATM operator in the nation. After starting with a single Bitcoin ATM in 2017, they now operate a network of Bitcoin ATMs across 20 states. Bitcoin ATMs were one of the first steps to making cryptocurrency more accessible and easier to use. Before there were Bitcoin ATMs, purchasing cryptocurrency with cash had to be done in person which could be dangerous. The Bitcoin ATM allowed individuals to buy Bitcoin with cash without involving anyone else and was much safer than meeting someone in person to trade.

Crypto Dispensers Bitcoin ATMs took the uncertainty and risk out of purchasing Bitcoin with cash many years ago. Placed in highly secure locations such as shopping malls and other business establishments, these ATMs are safe and easy to use. Finding one is a breeze with the Crypto Dispensers Bitcoin ATM locator on their website. Once at the ATM, cash can be deposited, and the crypto of choice selected. Purchases come through within minutes of your cash deposit and update to the buyer’s crypto wallet almost instantly.

These ATMs are possible with partnerships with nationally recognized property owners and real estate investment trusts (REITs) to ensure the safest transaction experience possible. Shopping malls owned by Tanger Outlets, GK Realestate, and Brookfield Properties manage the malls they are found in and help to ensure that the experience of buying Bitcoin with Crypto Dispensers is always safe and secure.

Crypto Dispensers is now taking another huge step forward for Bitcoin and crypto even during the crypto winter. They’ve recently launched CDReload across the country. CDReload is now available in more than 16,000 retail locations. Similar in process to the Bitcoin ATMs, CDReload allows one to purchase Bitcoin and crypto with cash. Where it differs is that instead of a Bitcoin ATM, buyers can go right to the register of the store or establishment and give the cash to an employee to deposit directly into their account.

The money appears in the online wallet instantly and from there, purchasing Bitcoin and crypto is completely at the buyer’s leisure. They can choose when they want to buy Bitcoin and how much they want to spend from their available balance. All they need is the barcode that is generated by their CDReload account, and the employee can scan it to ensure funds are deposited into the right account.


Crypto Dispensers is a pioneer of the Bitcoin and crypto industry, and their new CDReload platform is making the process of buying Bitcoin safer. To celebrate this platform, anyone who creates an account on CDReload will receive $25 the first time they purchase Bitcoin. With the ease and convenience of being able to deposit cash at thousands of locations nationwide, now is the perfect time to start investing in Bitcoin.

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