Market Watch


The World of Cryptia is opening to players and investors alike on October 8th, with the $CRYPT IGO. The token will be released on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) so participants can take advantage of the low fees and quick transaction speed. 

The public IGO listing is at 1:30pm UTC and will allow participants to take part in one of the biggest upcoming blockchain-based game releases. Gamers and investors alike can own a piece of history as $CRYPT is used to power the World of Cryptia. With NFT characters, items, and more, $CRYPT will be the fuel for transactions and the key to allowing gamers to play to earn.

GAINTY has set out to develop a robust world for players to explore while also providing the opportunity to monetize their hard work. The World of Cryptia explores the possibilities of playing to earn by utilizing NFTs and $CRYPT to allow players to buy and sell a wide variety of in-game assets. This means that the time and effort gamers put into their characters could very well pay dividends in the not-so-far future.

Investors can also take part in the $CRYPT IGO to take advantage of the massive potential blockchain gaming has to offer. Backed by an award-winning game developer, investors can rest assured knowing that the World of Cryptia has the experience and support it needs to succeed.

What you need to know about $CRYPT

  • Token type: BEP20
  • Network: BSC
  • (Initial) Price per token: $0.04 per $CRYPT
  • Vesting schedule: 50 per cent at listing, then linear over the next 2 months

The $CRYPT token is BEP20, meaning investors will need to have access to the Binance Smart Chain to take part in the IGO. BSC provides an incredibly quick and low-fee environment, which is a perfect foundation for the $CRYPT currency and will allow for easy scaling well into the future.

Blockchain gaming is a very fast-growing trend and has the potential to completely disrupt the gaming industry. Take part in the $CRYPT IGO and join the play to earn revolution. The World of Cryptia is waiting.