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MyUSAddress has positioned itself as the preferred cross-border shopper and experienced custom experts who have been operating for over 60 years, facilitating US cross-border shipments and returns. Clients working with MyUSAddress enjoy numerous incentives, including unparalleled efficiency, no-obligation storage for 365 days, and SMS shipping notifications. The commitment to provide unparalleled efficiency is enhanced with the presence of a US depot in Ogdensburg, NY, where shipments to Canada cost $29 in clearance and $9.95 in shipping. When a package arrives at the Ogdensburg warehouse, notifications are sent to the buyer via email or text messaging.

Currently, there are many ongoing deals on hockey equipment, auto parts, high-end fashion, and more. Subject to the agreed terms and conditions, buyers looking for space get free US storage throughout the year. For an enhanced experience, the Push It North push button enables buyers to send goods to Canada, avoid lost time, and save money on gas and bridge tolls. Buying and delivering goods across the border is quick and easy. Clients simply need to SHOP for America goods online, SHIP the products to MyUSAddress, and PICKUP or have the items DELIVERED to their doorstep. Once registered, buyers receive a free unit number and address at the company’s US warehouse, alongside the login information.

The need to obtain a US shopping address has been heightened by high internet access, a high number of Canadians living within 100km of the common border with the US, and increased spending power. MyUSAddress reckons that Canadians spend as much as $15.3 billion annually on online shopping, with the number of people placing orders rising yearly. It is also essential to reiterate that the price difference between the stores operating across the border is fairly significant. The company’s customs experts have deployed an automated customs clearance network to help buyers clear goods faster. The team is well-attuned with the latest customs regulations and compliance with regulations applying to specific products.

Restrictions apply to the weight and size of products slated for shipping. For this reason, items over 1000 lbs or greater than 40″ wide x 48″ long x 84″ high will not be shipped without prior authorization. Shipments requiring forklift assistance can only be picked up Monday to Friday. The company’s vibrant affiliate program encourages Canadian shoppers to buy from their stores and have the items shipped to Canada. MyUSAddress depot in Ogdensburg operates throughout the week, while that in Prescott is open from Monday to Friday, beginning 9 am to 5 pm. Visit the company website to learn more about MyUSAddress services.

The online shopping and customs masters at MyUSAddress can be reached at 18003203014. Their Canadian office and deport is centrally located at 850 Sophia St, Prescott, Ontario, K0E1T0, CA.

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