CRM With Pipeline Tracker, All-In-One Marketing Platform For Tech Firms Updated

Kyrios Systems has added pipeline tracking features to its eponymous marketing platform. The move is expected to benefit software and hardware companies, in particular, as these businesses typically have complex sales processes involving multiple stages and interactions.

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Kyrios’ pipeline tracker allows users to see a lead’s journey through their organization’s sales process. The feature can adapt to any sales process through customization and has built-in automated workflows that can guide the prospect deeper into a sales funnel.

Moreover, the platform allows for the creation of multiple pipelines, which is invaluable for companies handling many products and brands.

“Using the pipeline tracker, you can add all the stages of your customer’s journey. Your dashboard will give a clear overview of where all your leads are and what needs to happen next to close more deals,” the company stated on its website.

Furthermore, Kyrios can accommodate pipelines for internal teams as well. This enables sales managers to track the team’s performance and make calibrations to sales and marketing strategies as needed.


Designed as an all-in-one marketing platform, Kyrios is equipped with a wide array of marketing features, offering businesses more savings because it renders individual SaaS subscriptions redundant.

For instance, Kyrios has a robust CRM capable of sending emails and SMS through one dashboard. The platform’s powerful tracking capability is also present in this feature, as the CRM enables users to see which website pages or emails are receiving clicks, informing them about the preferences of each prospect.

Kyrios Systems estimates that through its platform, tech companies can save about $1,500 monthly in software spending owing to Kyrios’ ability to replace funnel and website builders, email marketing software, form and survey builders, automation tools, review managers, and more.

“Other platforms give you one or two pieces of the puzzle, forcing you to pay for multiple services to get what you want,” the company explained. “We decided to bring everything into one place, for one price, that is affordable for any business.”

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