CRM Mobile App With Integrated MMS & Data Tracking For Small Businesses Updated

The new version of Bigly incorporates upgrades to the app’s overall performance and multimedia networking capabilities while expanding its unique usage-based pricing model. Bigly is an alternative solution for businesses unable to afford the large retainer fees charged by rival platforms.

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The announcement underlines the company’s commitment to providing essential CRM solutions. The app’s customizable and automated services help drive productivity, increase efficiency, and generate larger revenues for startups, entrepreneurs, sole traders, and any small business with the ambition to expand its sphere of operations.

MMS (multimedia messaging service) is an extension of the SMS protocol which allows pictures, videos, and audio clips to be sent and received in addition to standard text messages. According to, SMS generally has a 160-character limit while MMS generally offers an open-ended number of words and characters, more akin to email in terms of scope, size, and the scale of content that can be published. Typically, animated image content can be up to 410 KB in size.

Bigly allows users to send MMS to connect with their customer lists while offering data tracking and analytics to assess campaign performance. The medium offers superior open rates to SMS as well as improved conversion rates owing to the image-based content, helping to attract customers.

The app operates on a pay-as-you-go basis which allows users to only deploy the services they need and when they need them. This reduces unnecessary overhead costs and helps businesses keep better track of what they are spending on CRM and marketing. Bigly’s MMS service does not rely on cellular service to deliver messages, using an internet-based protocol to ensure faster delivery from anywhere in the world.

Bigly gathers email, text, and voice calls into a unified inbox, allowing users to see at a glance what needs to be attended to. Customized to-do lists help to increase efficiency while automated voice call transcript features ensure that sales teams are accountable for their performance.

A spokesperson says, “Our vision is to provide all the best sales tools in one platform, allowing you to communicate with your clients from anywhere in the world.”

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