CRM For Realtors & Beginner Course For New Construction Lead Generation Launched

The newly launched CRM service and foundational courses teach new and experienced realtors how to configure their own customer relationship management (CRM) platform to attract new construction clients. Named one of Florida’s Top 20 Agents, Alexa Rosario helps today’s agents manage their time so they can close more contracts using proven CRM strategies that go beyond Internet Data Exchange (IDX) MLS listings.

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The right CRM helps real estate agents cultivate and manage more leads. Alexa Rosario’s newly launched CRM platforms and courses help agents attract targeted in-market leads on newly constructed properties and explain how to transform these leads into committed clients.

While traditional websites and CRMs focus on IDX leads and time-consuming yet often unreliable nurturing tactics, Rosario’s CRM design automatically onboards, nurtures, and converts traffic into clients.

Her system manages workflow, keeps track of buyer and seller progress, and helps relationship and referral-based agents scale their businesses.

As with any commercial website, making the right first impression begins with a compelling landing page.

Through a three-step process, Rosario shows new and experienced agents how to highlight their business strengths and distinguish themselves from others in their niche.

A judicious balance between whitespace and content encourages website visitors to engage and learn more, something research has shown to be effective.

Equally, research reveals too much whitespace can be off-putting.

Rosario’s custom-designed templates prevent realtors from making detrimental design mistakes with already allocated content and image areas. The CRMs also come with on-site buyer workshops and a virtual assistant to convey a modern and professional image.

Rosarios says all her CRM templates include social proof pages, calendar scheduling, client intake forms for both buyers and sellers, buyer workshop hosting, listing presentation, IDX integration, Zapier integration, and limitless customizable options to help fellow agents perfect their branding.

And since the real estate industry is a relationship-based business, agents that can earn trust, convey credibility, and drive immediate action while managing and streamlining clients are the ones that predictably come out on top. CRMs for real estate are designed to automate these activities.

A recent client says, “This is the first time I’ve seen systems presented in such a simple and easy-to-implement way. I am excited about finessing my CRM so I can begin targeting new constructions for the best year of my real estate career.”

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