CRM App With SMS Blasts For Sales Productivity: PC Alternative To HubSpot Update

Bigly Sales, Inc’s latest launch improves the platform’s SMS ‘Blasts’ function, allowing sales teams to reach their entire customer contact list in a matter of seconds. The app is compatible with both mobile and PC desktop systems and offers a new model of pricing for CRM services, providing an affordable yet effective alternative to the high fees of platforms such as HubSpot.

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The newly released updates help users eliminate the issue of dropouts in cell service by consolidating SMS messages into scheduled blocks. The app is designed to be used by busy professionals both on the move or in the office, providing essential CRM support and features that can be accessed from anywhere.

According to an Asurion survey from 2019, the average American checks their mobile phone approximately 96 times each day, equating to once every ten minutes. Data from Finances Online suggests that 95% of smartphone users own a device that does not require a wifi connection to access the internet. As a result, SMS-based marketing and CRM systems give businesses a unique opportunity to reach their customers in a way that reflects how consumers live their daily lives and access media.

In addition to the SMS Blasts feature, Bigly gives users a unified inbox, gathering all of their emails, texts, and voice call records into one streamlined dashboard. This also provides data tracking and analytics, giving sales teams all the information they need to make smarter decisions while increasing efficiency and productivity.

Bigly is unique in that it does not charge its customers for the use of the CRM system. Users are only liable for telecommunication costs, affording greater control over their marketing and customer retention budgets. This pay-as-you-go system means that app users can choose the services they need when they need them, reducing overhead costs and wasted resources.

A spokesperson says, “Bulk SMS is an effective communication tool that can help businesses reach their target audiences easily and efficiently. Its cost-effectiveness, quick delivery time, flexibility, and easy-to-track performance make it a great choice for businesses of all sizes.”

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