Creative Problem Solving Course | Out-Of-The-Box Thinking Strategies Updated

Teaching modern lessons for the modern economy, Macadamia Solutions has updated its problem-solving course to help business owners and entrepreneurs succeed in the new year and keep pace with the volatile economy. Participants will learn to create alternative problem statements by finding new perspectives.

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The newly updated course was created by the founder of Macadamia Solutions, Dr. Steven Wright. An engineer who owns over 50 patents, Dr. Wright has used the methods taught in the course to solve a variety of problems he has faced throughout his career. According to Dr. Wright, these strategies are responsible for the success he has experienced as an inventor, and he believes they are transferable to other areas.

The course focuses on shifting perspectives when examining problems in order to find creative ways to solve them. According to Dr. Wright, viewing a problem from a different angle increases the probability of coming up with an effective solution.

Dr. Wright explained, “Creative solutions are often described as out-of-the-box thinking. Changing your perspectives can be approached systematically to examine diverse aspects of the problem space. Refining your problem statement from diverse perspectives lets you identify a better problem to solve. Getting it right can make a world of difference in problems that matter.”

The course will cover all of the concepts related to creating a problem statement and include examples of perspective positioning to generate new insights. By continually refining the problem statement, the problem becomes easier to solve, according to Dr. Wright.

With the latest announcement, Macadamia Solutions continues to provide entrepreneurs and business executives with problem-solving solutions. Dr. Wright hopes the updated version of his course will help people effectively handle the challenges they face in 2023.

Dr. Wright said: “Identifying the right problem to solve is not a matter of waiting for a stroke of inspiration – it can be approached systematically by refining the statement of the problem. If you think about your problem from the right perspective, you can change yourself, your organization, or the world around you.”

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