Creative Biolabs’ Mature Assay Technologies Move Neuroscience Research Forward

Neurological disorders impact not only the brain but also nerves found in the spinal cord, resulting in conditions that threaten the mobility and cognition of individuals, seriously affecting lives. Despite decades of research in neurological diseases, no effective therapy has been developed yet. However, the booming of novel neuroscience technologies in recent years forecast a golden era for neuroscience research. Taking advantage of the diverse neuroscience technologies, Creative Biolabs, an experienced expert in the industry, has established a professional and advanced technology platform applicable to a wide range of neuroscience research. The company takes pride in offering mature neuroscience assay services to speed up customers’ research.

“The calcium assay is critically important for neuroscience research due to the diverse functions of calcium in neuroscience,” a scientist at Creative Biolabs said, “and our scientists can provide an easy and quantitative method for the measurement of calcium in different biological fluids.”

Features of the calcium assay service at Creative Biolabs:

* Simple operation procedure

* Quick detection (within ten minutes)

* Extreme sensitivity

* A wide range of applications

* Various sample types

The nervous system displays a more complicated cellular structure and chemical heterogeneity as compared to other organ systems. As a result, it is essential to apply neurotoxicity testing assay on cells with the goal of analyzing the human nervous system as thoroughly as possible. Creative Biolabs provides neurotoxicity screening services while applying novel methods for the analysis of multi-well microelectrode arrays (mwMEA), demonstrating high sensitivity and specificity.

At Creative Biolabs, the neurotoxicity screening studies are carried out by its knowledgeable scientists and technicians, and customers who have worked with them have all greatly appreciated their efficiency and accurate results.

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About Creative Biolabs

As a pioneering biotech CRO in the industry, Creative Biolabs has recruited a group of scientific minds who possess extensive experience in neuroscience research and has established excellent technology platforms for providing global customers with better services regarding neuroscience research. The company pride itself on offering a comprehensive suite of mature neuroscience assay services at the most competitive price, moving customers’ research forward.

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