Creative Agency LO:LA Announce A+ Trustworthiness & Quality Standards BBB Rating

LO:LA’s latest accolade reflects the credibility and transparency reported by clients who have worked with the agency, including business owners who were looking to grow their brand and launch lead-capturing marketing campaigns.

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The new A+ rating from the BBB (Better Business Bureau) is the most recent in a series of awards that the creative marketing firm has received for its work, including multiple recognitions at the 29th Annual Communicator Awards and from the Manifest business directory.

The BBB is a consumer resource that accredits companies across the US, Canada, and Mexico with the aim of advancing consumer confidence. Its accreditations bring consumer attention to marketplace-leading providers and B2B agencies that consistently deliver highly rated solutions.

“The A+ rating signifies that they have an excellent track record when it comes to upholding the highest standards of trust and ethical business practices, including responsive customer service, clear advertising, and ensuring their clients are well looked after”, a spokesperson for the agency explained.

With this top-tier accreditation, the firm can transfer trust onto its client projects, helping other businesses communicate their reliability to their target audience.

According to the Harvard Business Review, 80% of consumers consider brand trust a factor in their search for products and services. LO:LA’s brand-in-a-box, all-in-one solution was created to help midsize businesses and organizations fortify their reputation, by defining their brand voice, designing recognizable graphics and logos, and producing guidelines for consistent content creation plans. It seeks to generate customer loyalty with cohesive branding identities that reflect the companies’ missions and engage their prospects on a deeper level.

Once the brand’s demographic has been identified and nurtured, LO:LA marketers, content writers, and web developers will ensure that company messaging is harmonious across its platforms. Market research conducted by Lucidpress found that over two-thirds of businesses surveyed indicated that brand consistency contributed to sales growth of at least 10%. The firm’s approach to campaign marketing begins and ends with clear aims and strategies. This allows its client partnerships to be success-driven and goal-oriented from the start.

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