CQM for Contractors Certification Classes December 2022-December 2023 Announced

Construction Quality Management for Contractors is a class sponsored by USACE and NAVFAC. This certification is usually a contract requirement and is an integral component of quality management on Federal government construction projects.

All personnel involved in quality control of government construction contracts are required to earn certification by taking a one-day class and passing a test at the end of the day.

CQM certification or re-certification is valid for 5 years after students pass the test.

Personnel needing certification often find it difficult to break away from project work schedules. However, at the end of the year when construction work often winds down, employers may find sending personnel to classes most convenient.

For a schedule of classes ideal for individuals needing certification or re-certification, go to https://cqmcert.com/sponsored-classes/.

The end or the beginning of the calendar year may also be ideal for companies needing to train multiple team members all at once. BCS instructors, with the capacity to certify as many as 30 employees per class, can bring the class to corporate locations. This may offer substantial savings in travel and accommodation expenses as well as a reduction of per-student tuition costs. Classes can be scheduled for weekends or other times least likely to disrupt construction schedules. Additionally, instructor-led discussions for individual companies focus on examples applicable to specific contracts and industries. Under these circumstances, classes become team-building exercises.

For more details and an opportunity to get a quick quote, go to https://cqmcert.com/custom-course/.

CQM certification is the most tangible benefit of attending a class, this one-day session is also an excellent workforce development opportunity for employees with the potential to assume greater responsibility in construction companies. Anyone with a keen interest in quality control management and all that entails, for example, scheduling, project supervision, cost savings, and safety procedures will find the CQM class useful and thought-provoking.

Building Constructive Solutions (BCS) is a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. BCS is currently a licensed Class A contractor in the Commonwealth of Virginia as well as licensed to provide Professional Engineering services.

To learn more about CQM training services offered by BCS, go to https://cqmcert.com/.

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