Corrado Lopresto, the bestselling autobiography of the greatest Italian collector of classic cars

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Lopresto is the most famous Italian collector of classic cars in the world (27th in the world rankings)

For classic car enthusiasMilano, Lombardia Dec 14, 2022 ( – ts, the autobiography of Corrado Lopresto “LOPRESTO. The Art of Keeping Alive the Art of a Great Collector of Italian Classic Cars” (Bruno Editore) comes out today. In his book, the author shares with readers the secrets of the art of collecting and the strategies followed in restoring the most iconic, celebrated Italian cars.

The book covers not only technical aspects, addressed in the last chapters, but also offers a personal glimpse into Corrado’s past: “I wanted to tell my story, the story of my family and that of the cars I’ve collected over the years because the various events are inextricably intertwined.”

Corrado Lopresto says the idea of writing this book came to him when he was once trying to persuade his children to spend their holiday in Bagnara, his hometown. Their reluctance led him to suddenly realize how distant their visions of that place were, how little they knew about the origins of their family and the lives and achievements of their grandparents. The author has always felt invested in the task of preserving fragments of the past and of handing them down to posterity, and so it has been: first with cars and now with this book.

“The author’s goal with this book is clear: to make his readers aware of the need to adopt a conservative approach to the past, which for him is expressed primarily in the fascinating world of classic cars,” says Giacomo Bruno, the book’s publisher. “This is an approach he was taught when he was young. He has the singular characteristic of wanting to restore the soul of inanimate objects and discover their history. Hence the creation of this book, aimed at classic car enthusiasts and the curious alike”.

“When I first met Giacomo Bruno, I was impressed by his speed and his sensitivity in understanding what I wanted to say and the result I wanted to achieve with this book,” says the author.

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Corrado Lopresto, architect, and entrepreneur of Milan is now the world’s most famous Italian classic car collector (27th in the world rankings). His passion for these cars came about during his childhood in Bagnara and it has grown over the years, leading him to collect and restore unique pieces, prototypes, and special cars, all strictly Italian. For years Lopresto has been a point of reference for the philological approach to restoration, experimenting with new techniques and unconventional methods in this complex subject which differ according to the car being worked on. His cars are an important testimony to the history of Italian car design and have received more than 280 awards at various concours d’elegance. Lopresto has often participated in and organized exceptional exhibitions both in Italy and abroad. website:

Giacomo Bruno, born in 1977, is an electronic engineer. He has been called “the father of ebooks” by the press for bringing ebooks to Italy in 2002 with Bruno Editore, 9 years before Amazon and other publishers. He is the author of 28 bestsellers on personal growth and the publisher of more than 1,000 books on personal and professional development. He is considered Italy’s greatest “book funnelling” expert and most well-known “book influencer” due to the fact that every book he promotes or publishes becomes a No. 1 Bestseller on Amazon within hours. He is followed by various TV channels, TV news programmes, and the national press. For information go to:

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