Coral Springs Senior Medical Care Center | No-Appointment Service Updated

Primary Medical Care Center in Coral Springs has been providing medical assistance to senior citizens in the area for nearly a decade, placing an emphasis on offering quality healthcare to senior citizens by taking a patient-centric approach. In line with this approach, the medical center is now accepting seniors without an appointment.

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Folllowing the recent announcement, the physicians provide treatment for any senior who requires immediate care for a non-life-threatening emergency. These may include cold and flu symptoms, minor burns, cuts, or scrapes. Accepting walk-ins to the clinic is part of the Primary Medical Care Center’s mission, which is to humanize the relationship between a patient and a provider.

As a spokesperson for the senior medical center explained: “When you look at most medical care centers for seniors, a couple of things jump out. The patient’s treatment and quality of life aren’t always managed the way they should be due to a barrier between the patient and the physician. In addition, seniors are often not treated as people, but as a medical condition. We address this issue through our patient-centric approach.”

The senior health specialists at Primary Medical Care Center offer a wide range of services, from treating the most common ailments to providing access to experts in specialized fields, such as acupuncture and cardiology. The team at Primary Medical Care Center says it has dealt with every health-related issue that a senior citizen may be experiencing.

The center works with various insurance companies, accepting insurance coverage plans from Medicare, MMM of Florida, Aetna, and other providers. Additionally, seniors who do not have insurance are still advised to visit the medical center for non-life-threatening emergencies or contact the office over the phone, as the medical center can figure out alternatives, the company said.

With the latest announcement, Primary Medical Care Center continues to offer ways for seniors in Coral Springs to receive immediate medical attention.

A satisfied patient said: “Definitely a warm and caring staff in a most comfortable atmosphere. Always professional. Couldn’t ask for anything better. The doctor is always friendly and thorough and very easy to talk to. Just an overall super facility.”

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