Cooling & Heating Coats For Dogs: Extreme Weather Protection Vest Update

Their product line includes a number of coats for dogs which, through the use of advanced material science techniques, provide the animal with adaptive thermoregulation capabilities. These coats are designed to protect dogs from extreme temperatures year-round to ensure that the animal can comfortably exercise and play no matter the conditions.

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These coat designs make use of PCMs, or Phase Change Materials, to continuously regulate the dog’s temperature to around 83F. These materials are designed to change state relative to the ambient temperature, converting from an insulating solid at cold temperatures into a heat-absorbing fluid at higher ones.

With this technology, Zentek Clothing intends to protect pets nationwide from the dangers of extreme weather, given that dogs lack the same natural temperature control capabilities that humans rely on. These vests are ideal for warmer climates, as they do not have to be chilled to use. They will absorb heat from the dog to keep their surface at 83F. Any air movement draws the excess heat away from the dog.

The phase change materials used in these coats and vests were developed by NASA for use in aeronautics, where temperatures can vary wildly over a short period of time. The technology was improved with new technology to nano size particle it in textiles. Zentek has taken full advantage of that fact with these new designs. They have also added additional cooling packs that freeze at 58F. and maintain their cooling for 2-5 hours.. The reason for these was to avoid freezer burn when wearing them next to the skin. Both human vests have inside pockets for these cold packs. Zentek added those 6 years ago as temperatures got more extreme. Its hard for humans or dogs to perform well at shows or agility when overheated. Before Zentek, they were just using wet rags on the dogs. This is evaporative cooling. When the temperature rises, it also absorbs more water. When saturated, it loses its ability to cool. Rule of thumb is to add humidity to temperature, and if over 150.. take action! Its called the wet bulb effect. Used by the military and athletes. Dogs are in an even more precarious situation , as they can only sweat through their paws. Google has lots of articles. When dogs or people cant cool, the organs start shutting down. The founder almost lost her bulldog to heat… he was saved ..But this was the impetuous to find a solution.

These garments are designed to wrap the dog’s chest, flanks, and back to ensure full-body protection against the elements. Supplemented with paw protectors, this product can help keep dogs safe whether they are on hot pavement or in a snowy environment for hours at a time. Check out the Canine Quick Wrap. It covers the underbelly where there is the most blood flow. And comes with 2 of the cold packs.

Zentek’s dog coats are also customizable with embroidery and a variety of color options. All of their designs are intended to provide high visibility for the animal as well, with many bright and reflective designs available.

Additionally, the company customizes coats for dogs of all sizes, ranging from extra large hound-sized coats to small sizes ideal for bulldogs and other similar breeds. A complete sizing chart is available on their website.

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