Contrast Therapy Cold/Hot Gel Pack For Knee Pain & Bursitis Relief Launched

Cool Relief is providing athletes with a medical-grade hot and cold therapy system for injury recovery and rehabilitation. The Soft Gel Knee Hot/Cold Pack features Cool Relief’s proprietary gel pack, designed to keep its temperature for long periods while allowing athletes the flexibility to remain active.

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Hot and cold contrast therapy has become a popular recovery technique for athletes. The technique involves alternating between extremely hot and cold temperatures in order to expand and contract blood vessels quicker and thus get new blood to injured areas faster. Research shows that contrast therapy can have athletes at optimal health 24 to 48 hours sooner than passive recovery.

Cool Relief’s Soft Gel Knee Hot/Cold Pack is a compact and portable way of providing athletes with contrast therapy. Its reusable gel pack can be frozen and applied to knees to help alleviate pain, reduce swelling and inflammation, enhance the flow of nutrients, and remove waste products.

The gel pack can also be heated in the microwave and used to reduce tension, improve circulation, soothe muscles, and ease stress and anxiety.

The Cool Relief Soft Gel Knee Hot/Cold Pack is preferred to traditional ice and heat packs because of its superior temperature retention technology. “The gel pack freezes at a lower temperature, meaning it generally holds that temperature for longer periods,” said a spokesperson for the company. “It can also be safely heated to high temperatures without fear of burning or melting.”

The Soft Gel Knee Hot/Cold Pack comes in a lightweight, adjustable compression wrap. Its soft materials and flexible construction allow it to contour to the knee better than traditional ice and heat packs. Moreover, its wearable, hands-free design provides lasting relief while also allowing athletes to stay active and mobile.

A satisfied customer said: “I needed to ice after doing knee rehab exercises, but home-made Ziploc ice packs kept sliding off. I searched online and found these, and they really helped. They hold their temperature for a long time. I even ordered an extra pouch so I could do ice-heat-ice. I can now prop up my knee or walk around the house.”

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