Contingent Workforce MSP: Contracting & Invoicing Concierge Service Updated

By championing the latest developments in external staff management software, the workforce solutions provider can now help clients foster the agility and adaptability required to future-proof their business.

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Prosperix’s MSP services now include contract and payroll management, as well as pay-rate analysis reports that streamline hiring lifecycles at every stage. The workforce management service involves automating administration and logistical processes to mirror or augment a business’ internal hiring team.

Prosperix achieves this by optimizing communication between businesses and their talent suppliers to consolidate programs.

It can oversee these external workforce programs from start to finish. The MSP begins by scouring its network for recruiters and talent pools to source top candidates, followed by arranging vetting and interviewing procedures. It can then streamline onboarding and manage contracting obligations while ensuring employment processes are compliant.

“We take a consultative approach to help you imagine and define your workforce of the future, and support you with the specific strategies and tactics required to make it a reality,” a spokesperson added.

As the employer-of-record (EOR), Prosperix undertakes all invoicing and payrolling duties and assumes responsibility for the maintenance, verification, and administration of the W-4 and I-9 contract information that businesses need to start building an external workforce.

With Prosperix, businesses receive curated lists of pre-qualified candidates, as well as contracting, invoicing, and payrolling services. As such, they can reduce the workload of their internal staff and increase productivity across their operations.

Another benefit is that Prosperix can accelerate hiring lifecycles and shorten time-to-hire rates, reducing the company downtime caused by waiting to fill empty jobs. Specifically, its concierge-level services are designed to expedite the otherwise labor-intensive enrollment and onboarding processes.

In addition to its MSP services, Prosperix offers a VMS network and a hiring marketplace to help growing businesses scale their teams, hire top talent faster, and manage their contingent workforce.

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