Contingent Workforce Candidate Sourcing & Payroll: HR Managed Service Updated

The enhanced solution offers full oversight and management of contingent worker programs, including supplier management, candidate curation, talent pool assessments, timesheet collection, payroll and billing, and more. As part of the update, the firm leverages its own crowdstaffing platform, enabling access to a broad range of specialized talent.

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While many organizations are attracted to the low-risk and low-cost nature of contingent workers, there can often be a significant administrative and logistical burden. The latest revisions from Prosperix are designed to cover all aspects of the hiring and workforce management process, reducing the workload on internal HR and management teams.

A recent report from the Alliance of Professionals and Consultants suggests that greater flexibility and efficiency have caused continued growth in the contingent workforce. However, the organization also highlights several challenges, including maintaining quality levels, as well as sourcing workers with specialized skill sets.

The enhanced managed workforce services from Prosperix are designed to address many of those shortcomings. The firm’s hiring marketplace offers access to a large and growing database of talent suppliers, while advanced AI can assist in rapidly identifying candidates with specific technical or professional skills.

Prior to shortlisting, Prosperix also offers full screening and verification of candidate abilities, with the goal of significantly reducing time-to-hire. Management of contingent workers is now undertaken using Prosperix Payroll and Employer-of-Record services. Responsibilities covered include payroll processing, taxes and withholdings, worker’s compensation coverage, benefits administration, statutory reporting, and more.

About Prosperix

An innovator in workforce management systems, Prosperix has assisted several leading brands, including KPMG, NBCUniversal, Avon, and Walmart. The firm’s executive team has a combined experience of over 75 years across multiple disciplines, including recruiting, operations, technology, and product development.

One program manager for contingent workforces stated: “Prosperix was by far the fastest supplier from onboarding to an offer being made. The Prosperix model is providing us with great candidates at highly competitive or even lower rates than all our other suppliers.”

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