Content Marketing & Online Inbound Lead Gen For Business Consultant: New Report

In the new report, Behind the Work shares several key marketing strategies it employed to help BBSI become thought leaders in their industry and drive inbound leads. BBSI is a management consulting company specializing in payroll, workers’ compensation, staffing, recruiting, and risk management.

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When BBSI came to Behind the Work, they already had a robust marketing department. However, they wanted to expand by collaborating with an experienced marketing agency that would bring value to their company–an agency that understood their business, valued the importance of community, and would feel like an extension of their team.

The report outlines the goals BBSI had for their partnership with Behind the Work. Firstly, they wanted to develop strategies for driving inbound sales through online sources. They also wanted to build an engaged client-side email database and re-engage with established clients. Finally, it was also important for them to be positioned and showcased as industry experts in HR management and risk mitigation.

After learning about BBSI, Behind the Work developed a comprehensive plan for helping them achieve these goals. The plan involved producing value-adding content that amplified BBSI’s already-established brand voice, writing keyword-heavy blogs that answered consumer questions, and creating a newsletter to keep their database informed and engaged. Behind the Work also integrated HubSpot with Salesforce, and re-established contact with over 13,000 brokers.

As a result of these strategies, 51% of BBSI’s organic search traffic was new visitors, and consequently, 60% of their new customers came from organic traffic. They also established themselves as an industry thought leader, increased lead generation, and improved their email campaign management.

“Behind the Work truly feels like an extension of our team. We all work together and collaborate so well that we’re building off each other’s ideas and creating even better content,” said Lorin Gelfand, Director of Marketing and Communications at BBSI. “We also have a fantastic cadence going throughout the process, from IO to finished content. The strategy and supporting content are absolutely on target for our clients and referral partners.”

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